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Three Popular Natural Weight Loss Foods Myths Busted

Updated on March 23, 2010

Natural Foods

Bust Natural Food Myths
Bust Natural Food Myths

Planning to go on a natural weight loss diet and confused over the myths that surround natural weight loss foods? Help is at hand right here.

In all cases of natural weight loss foods there are some old wives tales while some have scientific backing. Nothing could be more alarming than to quit the natural weight loss foods for artificial weight loss pills based on these myths.

Glance through the myths and the facts to bust them once and for all.

Myth Number One - Potatoes And Rice Make You Fat

Carbohydrates rich foods are more likely to make us gain weight than any other food.

Fact - This is only partially true. Besides, it is the calories that pile up the pounds and not individual items of the diet such as carbohydrates, proteins et all.

The fact is that we add fats along with carbohydrates that increase the calorie count, such as adding butter to toast and frying potatoes to make French fries. One can consume high-fibre carbohydrates such as brown rice, brown bread, boiled and baked potatoes as perfect natural weight loss foods that work.

Myth Number Two - Late Dinners Pile On Weight

Many dieters believe that eating late in the evening makes the body store fat. Since they feel their food is not burned off adequately while they sleep, they live under a constant feeling of guilt.

Fact - The fact is that consuming high calories throughout the day is what will pile on the weight. The body metabolism continues burning calories through the night, albeit at a comparatively lower rate. All you need to do is plan the calorie intake during the evening dinner. The only thing that will stop you losing weight is if the number of calories consumed during the dinner is much more than the calories consumed during the day.

Myth Number Three – Blame The Family Tree

Fact - Genes have the potential to make us fat but it happens only in rare cases of genetic disorder. As a result researchers refuse to blame only the genes for the increase in obesity in the general public.

Inheriting fat genes from the parents is nothing more than a myth. What is more true is that we inherit their bad habits such as a poor diet plan and lack of adequate exercise. Making lifestyle changes is as important as eating natural weight loss foods to help everyone in the family.

So, next time do not simply follow some myth without exploring the facts associated with it. Natural weight loss foods are the best option for dieters to lose weight without any side effects.

Stay tuned for more myth busters coming your way soon.


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    • Jasnav profile image

      Jasnav 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Goldie.

      Diet plans can only work well if complimented by a good exercise plan. In both cases, dedication and commitment are must-haves!

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Hard work and dedication. I try to recommend to my clients, it is a constant battle - sometimes hourly. The late night eating thought is my downfall - I know it - and it sets me up as you say to eat more throughout the day. I must relearn to once again feel hungry not look at the clock! Great tips - thank you very much!

    • Jasnav profile image

      Jasnav 7 years ago

      Absolutely habee,

      First, I believe that purely relying on a diet will not get you the desired results in record time, so you have to combine it with some useful exercise.

      Secondly, if you combine it with an insulin problem, then we are definitely entering a different arena altogether. Don't the doctors have very different medicines and even treatments for insulin patients?

      Thanks for raising the issue!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      Good hub, though I don't agree with all of it - I don't think it's that simple. For example, I don't lose weight on a 1200-calorie-a-day high carb diet, but I do on a 1500-calorie-a-day low carb diet. My doc says it has something to do with my insulin. Weird, huh?