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Three Pounds Lost, Two Pounds Back, - Permanent Weight Loss Tips

Updated on March 25, 2013

Getting off the weight loss, weight gain roller coaster is EASY.

Yes that is what i said, there is nothing difficult about losing and keeping off weight. We all know at least one thing that works for us. Many of us have tried, listened and followed someone's advice and lost a few pounds and a few inches at some time in our lives.

The diet and exercise industry makes billions of dollars, off of us because we want a quick fix to a situation that took us time to get ourselves into, but at what cost, long term.

Yet, they are not telling us how to be our best selves, but how to fit into a society that is consumed with youth, sex and fitting into what are not natural healthy lifestyles from the rich and famous, celebrities.

Who if you take a poll struggle with their own demons and basically don't like themselves, at least not all of the time.

So as far i am concerned they do not count and should not be used as examples on how we perceive "healthy" or "beautiful"!

There are any number of reasons for this, and it all comes down to money and publicity, or advertising money.

The Keys to permanent weight loss has never changed. Basically it is what it has always been forever.

The simpler the better!!!

Revving up the metabolism

What to do?


  • Eat the right foods
  • Eat the right combination of foods
  • Eat natural foods
  • Eat good foods often
  • Eat small portions of foods


Exercise of any kind has been found to produce results.

  • cardio
  • aerobics
  • pilates
  • swimming
  • walking
  • biking

I prefer anything that will not damage the body later on. So for me personally i do what i consider is the least damaging to joints and so on, now.

Exercise doesn't have to be traumatic. But your body does require movement of some kind to keep it from gaining unwanted weight, losing weight and for longevity


Getting a good night's sleep is important to the body's metabolic heath. Sleeping properly equates to resting, which helps with combating things like stress.

The amount of sleep one gets is either conducive too good health or detrimental to your health. Because it is when the body is resting that the body is healing and repairing itself.

Some suggestions

  • When to go to bed - same time, same place at night
  • How to go to bed - what to wear or not to wear, reports say naked
  • Preparing for bed - apparently the cooler the room the better
  • Room prep for sleep - dark, no devices and 2 to 3 hours after a meal
  • Rise and shine at the same time everyday, even weekends

There really isn't much more than that!

Well except for a few other things like cut out white stuff that ultimately leads to sugar, excess salt and too much alcohol and stuff that leads to stressful living...

Okay, most of us that have battled fat, weight gain and unhealthy eating habits can attest to the fact that we have tried more than one way to lose those extra pounds.

The problem is when we use diet aids to get the weight off we usually end up within a few years gaining the dreaded weight back plus some more besides.

What they are not telling us is that we are also risking our overall health through yo yo dieting and diet aids, if not your life.

Beauty is a variable thing. Each to their own. I typically say that we all, all human beings in our own way show the glory of God. Meaning we all show characteristics of God's creativity.

You know any designer who creates something usually has an original then tweaks it to show off their creativity and personal development or growth.

Anyway the trick to losing weight regardless of what we are told stems from and starts with individual understanding. You taking control!!!

What affects one body may not affect another the same way. This is proven everyday even within families.

So, body types and what effects them is not universal but personally individual.

Yet we know that there are things that make a difference to every body type.

  • Exercise
  • Water, drinking as much as you can stand
  • Veges
  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Protein - Meats -natural or some type of protein

Foods that are as close to their natural, God made state prove to give human beings the body they need and want.

  • Portion size
  • When to eat
  • What to eat
  • How often to eat
  • What combinations to eat

The body typically craves things because it needs them for whatever reason but if and when we use foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, we find that our body has a better understanding of what to do with it through the digestion process.

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Good Carbs
  • Nutrients
  • Minerals
  • Fiber

We have been told that if we eat to keep our metabolism active we are helping our bodies.

Question though - when does the stomach stop working? Do i eat when i am hungry or according to what someone else instructs, every few hours whether i am hungry or not? If i eat constantly does that benefit my overall health as well or could i be creating a problem later on because my stomach or digestion process is always churning - stomach acids and all that?

You have a say, in your weight loss and your overall physical health is what we need to focus on. Doctor's can only guide you but ultimately you have to know and live by what works for you in the long run.

The BIG thing is Revving up your Metabolism... and concentrating on health before looks.

So, however you choose to do that, it is too your advantage!!!

Starting small gives you the permanency, though!


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