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Three Things to Avoid if You Want To Grow Taller

Updated on July 28, 2014

A sudden increase in height is something that almost everyone wants, especially self-conscious teenagers and vertically challenged young adults. If you're a parent, you would almost do anything just to help your child reach his full growth potential. However, there are certain elements in one's lifestyle that can hamper growth and bodily development, thus making you unable to reach your maximum possible height. If you're a teen looking to grow taller, try to avoid the following these observances, and if you're a parent make your kids avoid them (you might want to as well)!


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A vegan diet

More and more people are coaxed into eating a vegan diet, and this is mainly popularized by compassionate animal rights activists and fellow vegans. That being said, there's a world of difference between being a vegan and vegetarian: the latter completely avoids animal products, including milk, cheese and eggs, along with wearing fur and leather-based clothing. They exclusively eat plant-based products. Meanwhile, vegetarians are open to wearing animal-based clothing and they incorporate milk and cheese into their diet, which is mostly made up of vegetables?

That being said, what's all the fuss about eating a vegan diet and growing taller?

Although everyone has the freedom to eat whatever they want, it isn't recommended to eat a vegan diet, mainly because doing so will inevitably stunt growth and development. This is simply because doing so will mean that your body won't have an ample supply of animal protein and B-vitamins. Yes, plants, especially soybeans, contain a lot of protein, but it's a lot different than animal protein, meaning the human body won't be able to effectively process and use it. Vegetarians can easily get enough protein from milk and cheese – some even go as far as eating fish.

Bear in mind that strict vegans are susceptible to kwashiorkor, AKA protein deficiency. If experienced by a child, growth will definitely be stunted and in ALL cases, its effects are irreversible. Bear in mind that protein is used to grow and develop the organs and muscles and that the animal variety is the one that is direly needed by the human body.


Eating too little

Meeting self-conscious teens, especially females, is pretty common nowadays. Although it's all right to be concerned about one's looks, some go to great lengths to maintain their figure – and one of the methods include starving themselves. Eating to little paves the way to anorexia and extreme malnutrition, which could have permanent consequences on the human body.

Bear in mind that not getting enough food mean that your body won't have an ample supply of nutrients to support bodily development, meaning that your growth will definitely be stunted. If you're eating less than what's required of you, you will be prone to heart and kidney disease!


Habits that will damage the liver

The liver is one of the largest and the most important organs in the human body. Keep in mind that this organ plays a lot of vital roles, including detoxification, production of various hormones, protein synthesis and the digestion of fat. Maintaining the condition of your liver is absolutely important, given that there is no way to compensate its functions and severe liver diseases are always fatal.

In terms of growing taller, the liver contributes to this by processing the protein in the body in order to make it usable. It is also the catalyst in digesting fat: it releases bile in order to break fat down in order to be digestible. That being said, it is also responsible for releasing an important hormone, the IGF-1 AKA the Insulin Growth Factor-1, which works with the human growth hormone in repairing and maintaining muscle and tissue.

There are a lot of habits that can damage the liver, including eating too much fat, leading to a fatty liver and cirrhosis. Aside from which, smoking and too much liquor will also be detrimental to its condition as well. Keep in mind that if the liver is experiencing problems, the human body won't be able to process nutrients and detoxify itself effectively.

Overall, the above mentioned practices are just the ocean's surface: there other practices that you need to avoid as well. Regardless, just keep these in mind and avoid doing them at all costs!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You are completely wrong and should use reputable sources when making such claims. Plant protein is absorbable, its just less absorbable than animal protein so we have to eat more as vegans. Protein deficiency in vegans is due to their lack of food planning and unconscious effort in eating. Veganism should be researched and planned beforehand or else one will run into problems with deficiencies. Funny how you failed to mention how over 70% of the world is lactose intolerant. If dairy is so good for us, why does it make some of us sick, why do some of us get acne? I know why, because it doesn't digest well. and funny how you don't mention how baby calves are separated from their mothers for us to obtain this milk. Cows also way much more than us yet we put their milk into our babies. The milk is meant for THEIR babies, not us. Red meat is also one of, if not, the leading cause of heart disease and high cholesterol. Fish has dangerous levels of mercury in it, we are advised to steer away from regularly eating big fish like shark... why is that? Raw veganism has even be praised for curing many illnesses including cancer, explain that.. it's more believable than beef curing cancer. Dairy consumption is also highly linked to breast cancer. Surely we should be able to eat the same food regularly without us getting sick. Vegans also struggle the least with health issues and their weight, because everything we eat is natural. Don't criticise a NATURAL way of living, we are eating plant based foods, not concrete, not cloth, PLANTS. Why do vegans get criticised when some who don't do it properly get sick, but then when a red meat eater gets high blood pressure one says anything.

      Do you research.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 

      4 years ago

      Very interesting hub with great information. Thank you for sharing. Voted Up, useful and interesting.


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