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Three Weird Diets that Amazed People in History

Updated on March 30, 2013

There are many diets that people can use to obtain the body figure they most desire. The Romans and the Greeks had already done diets, although in that time it was of reasons for health and physical form. It was in the Victorian era when people really started to have success in the fast and quick diets like the ones from today.

Many people with their goal of loosing weight they would in turn perform really weird and peculiar diets that would amaze a lot of people. Here are some three weird diets:

Weird Diet #1: Chew and Spit

This really weird diet idea came from Horace Fletcher who decided that the best way to loose weiht is to chew and then spit in abundance.

His diet proposed of chewing well the food until all the nutrients were extracted and then spit the fibrous material that stays in the mouth.

Some of his most famous followers were Henry James and Franz Kafka.

Weird Diet #2: The Solitary Worm Diet

In the early 1900s, people started to publish about a diet called "The Solitary Worm Diet" normally you would eat the solitary worm egg.

The theory that people had was that the worms, once they were rown-up would reach all the way to the intestines and would adsord the food. This would cause weight loss, diahrrea and vomits. Once the person has reached its desired body weight then they would use an anti-parasite medicine to get rid of the worms.

Weird Diet #3: Arsenic Diet

The "magical remedies" that promised to loose weight many years ago, would also hide dangerous ingredients, including arsenic. Often people would drink more doses of the recommended magical remedies, thinking that by taking more they would obtain better results, when in reality they were risking themselves to poison themselves with arsenic.

Additionally, the makers and sellers often never announced that arsenic was one of the components, so people did not have any knowledge of what they were consuming.


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      anndango 5 years ago

      Ewww, weird diets indeed!