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Three reasons you should love

Updated on July 11, 2013

Living the dream

There are many individuals that wish they had more in their life, or wish for a new one because they hate the one they are living. What I cannot understand is….why? Why would you want to be anything but you? Everything that you have today makes your life perfect. Do you agree? Yes? ... No? .... or maybe a little…?

There are many reasons that make individuals want to change their life or find a new one. Some feel that their life has been filled with one disappointment after another. Some feel as if their life was cursed with bad luck and their destined to be miserable forever. Hiding from the world should not be a solution to living. Isolating yourself from society will not solve anything and should not be an option…..ever!

There are three reasons that exist right now why your life is completely perfect. Every individual in this world has them, but not everyone realizes what they are. If everyone realized the three reasons that make them perfect, there would be less individuals wishing for a new life and appreciate what they have today.

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1. Life as we know it

Everyone, from the day they were born, has been on a journey. They may not have been on the happiest journey, but it was a journey. What individuals fail to realize is the value of the journey. How much knowledge they have gained from each experience?
No one said that life was going to be easy or always enjoyable. We have all had our bumps in the road, and some even felt like potholes. The point is….you made it. Some terrible experiences in the past seemed to have no ending while they were happening, but they did finally come to an end. Looking back at the past, don’t you appreciate yourself more…now that you made to today?

If you look back at all of the terrible experiences that you’ve encountered, the one thing that you could say about each experience is that you made it through. If you are reading this, then you had the strength to make it through every experience that you thought would never end. Every bad experience seems to go on forever, but fortunately, there is an end to the bad. When the bad is over, you could see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you realize how lucky you are?

Life is a journey that many forget to embrace. Each situation that occurs is a learning experience that makes you stronger, more knowledgeable, and even better of a person than you were in the past. What you’ve seen, experienced, and learned makes you far more valuable than you were yesterday. You are now a better person that yesterday because you know more today.

2. What you have

Many individuals forget what they have in their life. This is very unfortunate because each person possesses a great deal of riches that they often ignore or do not fully appreciate. How many times have you said that you wanted to be alone because there were too many people annoying you? When you got your privacy, how many times did you wish the same people were around? Everyone needs privacy once in a while, but have you tried to remove them from your life?

There are many reasons that make your life great. You have you, your family, your friends, work, education, experience, and everything else that you have achieved to date. What do you look forward to that makes you happy? Is it the neighbor that says hello every time they see you (even if it is twenty times in a day) or your loved one greeting you every morning?

There are many individuals in your life that helped you on the way. It could have been a professor, a co-worker, your family, friends, your pets, or even someone you met on the street. It could have been all of the above. What matters is that there are many people that supported you through the tough times in your past. You may not realize who they were, but they helped make you even stronger of a person. They deserve appreciation.

Believe it or not, even the people that made your life miserable in the past deserve some type of acknowledgement. Even though you cannot see past the bad, what they gave you was a stronger, more knowledgeable mindset that helped make you a smarter person. They helped make you a stronger person and able to make it to the present. You are still standing so they did not break you. Remember that.

3. What you do

With all that you now know, and all that you’ve been through, there is one important variable that has stayed constant in life- You. You’ve made it through everything that was thrown your way. If you made it up until this point, if you’ve made it pass rock bottom, why stop now? It can only get better an easier from this point.

There is a lot that you can offer to this world. Like the experience and journey that you have experienced. Life is a journey and life is something that everyone needs to realize is the greatest gift they were given. If you are still breathing, there is a lot that you can change to make it better. This does not mean that you should try to be something that you are not.

Life is a journey and is meant to be just that. Every day that you wake up, you get a new day. A new day that you could change what you want, be who you are, and appreciate what you have. Every day brings the world to you and it is up to you to enjoy it. Doesn’t that sound great? So what does all of this mean?

This means taking what you know, appreciating what you have, and sharing with the world the lessons that you’ve learned. Life is a journey that should be embraced and enjoyed. You have the power to make it great and make it worth every second that you are living. Don’t waste your life on wishing for a new life. Make it everything that you want with one step at a time. Appreciate life before it’s too late.

Reason for living

Many people have regrets in their life. Wishing they could go back in time and fix them or change. Well, guess what? The past is the past for a reason. Don’t waste your time now thinking about the past. All this will do is make you regret the time you wasted regretting the past. See the pattern?

Live in the now, embrace all that you were given, and enjoy everything that you have today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, so enjoy the moment. Each moment is a blessing and each person in your life was meant to be there. Good or bad, this was the life you were meant to have.

So, instead of regretting, hating, or taking advantage of what you have…..embrace, enjoy, and share with the world what you are, what you know, and what you experienced. Life is too short to be angry, sad, or filled with regret. Enjoy it before it’s too late. Live it, love it, enjoy it!


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    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 5 years ago from Irvine

      I enjoyed reading your article. It is well written and nicely constructed. I appreciated your sentiment and effort to share good will. And I hate to put a damper on anything you've written, but it really only paints one portrait of our existence. Life is more complicated than you've outlined. Let me explain. I think the information you provided is valuable, and it could, in fact, help raise someone who is in a funk. Yet, there is a mind/body relationship that cannot always be turned upward by optimistic thinking. Thousands of people suffer from incurable depression. Scientists are only beginning to understand the most basic reasons for this condition. To give an example: When someone is the victim of post-traumatic stress syndrome, there is an actual PHYSICAL alteration of the brain's synapses. The wiring of the person's brain changes. He/she may have been a happy, well-adjusted individual prior to the trauma but afterward suffers debilitating side effects. The electrical signals that travel through our brains can change dramatically and sometimes irreversibly. The trauma may be emotional or it may be due to a physical shock. Once the synapses have realigned themselves, the personality of an individual can take a nose dive. Some people are able to get relief by taking drugs such as select serotonin reuptake inhibitors. For others, such medications have no effect. Some hard cases find relief through electro-shock treatments, and scientists haven't a clue how or why the procedure produces a positive result. The point is that in a large number of cases, where the actual configuration of the brain has altered, well-intentioned happy talk is not going to make an iota of difference. Until psychiatrists and neurosurgeons have some idea about how the emotional side of the brain actually functions, a lot of people are locked in a state of daily misery. These people do not purposely want to feel bad -- on the contrary. It simply isn't a matter of will. No amount of encouragement or other inducement has any impact. These are just the hard, unpleasant facts. I felt that it was necessary to let you know that there is a flip side to the coin you tossed out in your Hub.