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Three types of power enable you to lose weight quickly

Updated on March 23, 2016

When they talk about the loss of body weight, this means adhering to a healthy diet and healthy and exercise ... and when we discussed along with diet, it should just all the nutrients needed by the body to a lack of calories, fats included, and this means to have to resort to vegetables and fruits.

And a court power to eat is one of the most important things that diets must comply with during the episode.
In today's article, we will show you five kinds of power that can help you lose weight effectively.
Should have on what performance to lose weight more efficiently:

Force, which is used in the provision of food to lose weight to be ideal, must contain several components, a variety of green vegetables, including natural and known slimming ability while nursing takes Add lemon or vinegar, which effectively more calories helps to burn.
What the system on by eating equal power must be respected:

to make everyday power and a commitment to a diet system adoption works to lose weight and eliminate fat fast.
Through commitment to take it twice a day, a time has to be 200 calories, and you 400 calories Titties obtained from the daily need your body and you can Tamla 800 depending on what you want to drink a cup of celery juice like or juice tomatoes before you eat meal eating 30 minutes leopards would give a sense of satiety.

1. Salad and mint:

100 grams of fresh salad - a bunch of mints - small tomato - three grains of radish - a little parsley - a little lemon juice - and garlic - sliced ​​onions - a little olive oil - salt.

National average salad for a good clean to longitudinal cuts him chopped thin mint add and cut tomatoes, onions, radishes, "If you do not Tsttaman do taste of horseradish sufficiency can pill single" Do not forget parsley garlic, mashed and only olive oil, salt and Add lemon juice.

2. Mushrooms and Spinach Salad:

200 grams of mushrooms - 500 grams Spinach - a little lemon juice - garlic - salt - olive oil.

Add National Btchouh mushrooms after the cut-to-moderate sized pieces over low heat with a little oil and a pinch of salt him spinach sliced ​​cloves of minced garlic. Let cook for another 5 minutes. Before serving, you do not forget to add a little lemon juice.

3. Celery and cucumber salad:

150 grams of celery - 200 grams Cucumber - a grain of apple - salt - black pepper - olive oil - lemon juice.

National celery easy to digest in small pieces, "It is enough to use special Aldor because they know Bartha in weight loss" is also nationalist section each cucumber and apples into small pieces, mix all the ingredients with the addition of a little oil, black pepper, salt and lemon juice and health and wellness.

This kind of power that you give the nutrients that your body needs it and help you lose weight effectively.


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