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Three ways to save money on prescription drugs

Updated on July 15, 2015

Have you ever gone to your Doctor and he tells you that your medication is not working exactly how he would like? He then explains that he is going to change your medication. When you take this new wonder drug to the pharmacy you discover that it is considerably more expensive than your original medication. Or, have you ever been in a situation that merits going to the ER, or emergency clinic? Then gone to the pharmacy only to find that the simple antibiotic you are prescribed costs considerably more than you can realistically afford? How can you get your needed medication and still be able to afford it? This article is going to give you 3 simple methods that will help you do just that.

Free Medication:

It's hard to believe that anything is free in the world we live in; However there are pharmacies that do have programs where you can get specific medication for free. For instance, Publix has such a program, they offer 2 types of blood pressure medications at no charge; amlodipine and lisinopril. They also offer the diabetic medication metformin for free. On top of those they have 5 different antibiotics that they will give you a 14 day supply at no charge. In order to find out what pharmacies in your area offer these programs simply search on google for "free antibiotics" and it will give you a list of different pharmacies that offer these at no charge in your area.

Company CO-Pay Cards:

If you have been prescribed a brand medication odds are that your CO-Pay is very high. If you have a deductible to reach then you will be stuck spending a lot of money before the insurance will start paying their portion, and most likely your medication will still be expensive if you only have the co-pay as it will likely be in a higher tier.

The good news is that many of these brand medications have company sponsored co-pay cards such as celebrex, brintellex, zyvox, and cialis. In order to take advantage of these programs go to these companies website and sign up for the program. This will require basic demographic information that will take less than 5 minutes to do, some people even do this on their smart phones. Take the CO-Pay card to the pharmacy, either print it out or show it on your phone, and the discount can be applied. A word of caution however, is that many of these programs have in there fine print that if you have Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, or any government sponsored program paying for any portion of your medication that you do not qualify for the CO-Pay card.

Prescription Discount Cards:

Many see these cards in the newspaper, emails, mail boxes, bulletin boards, etc. And they all offer the same thing "Up to 85% off of the cost of medication" and to have that on there they must cover some medication at 85%. Truth is most likely it will only save you around 10% to 30%. However, that is still better than nothing if you need the medication, can't get it for free at a different pharmacy, and there is no co-pay card. A popular discount card is GoodRX it does give a pretty good discount. All that is required for a pharmacy to process your discount is the BIN, PCN, Group, and ID number. So if you write down this information:

BIN # 610268


Group # PTB269

ID # Your telephone number

Then the pharmacy can give you a discount that is "up to 85%". This will save you some money and you don't have to do much work for this simple discount.

Final Thoughts:

Everyday people are prescribed medication that they desperately need, but can't afford. By doing some research, finding pharmacies that can give you some medication for free, finding a co-pay card, or even a pharmacy discount card you will have a fighting chance at affording your much needed medication.


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