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Throat And Tongue Exercises To Treat Snoring

Updated on March 22, 2011

 There are reports that link snoring and chronic headaches. The reason for this is that those who snore suffer just like the other around them suffer. The person may lose sleep because of the sound of the snore and the lack or loss of sleep can cause the person to suffer from headaches. The lack of rest is also another cause of the headache.


Snoring can affect the health of the person suffering from it. When it also causes lack of sleep, the problems are compounded. There are some exercises that are simple to do, but will help you in curb snoring. Since the snore is caused by the vibration of tissues, the strengthening of muscles will help them, even while sleep, to function optimally and prevent snoring. This is a much better choice than medicines and other kinds of treatments.


These exercises must be done repeatedly till you do not snore at all. These exercises can be done up to 5 times, twice a day.


The initial step is to open the mouth and then close it. The opening phase should be as if you are shouting and when the mouth is closed, the lips should be close together.


The next phase of the exercise for snoring is that you should make a crease on the lips as you would do when you kiss. It is as if you are pointing to something with your lips. You should hold the lips in this position to a count of ten before relaxing.


Finally, you should make your lips to spread in a wide smile. As the lips reach the extreme, you can keep it in that position for another ten seconds and then relax. This is done repeatedly again and again for about ten seconds each time.


As your mouth is open, pout your mouth and do not close the jaw at this time. This position is held for another ten seconds before relaxing.


After the previous step, the lips have to be kept closed tight for another ten seconds. After this, mimic the sound of drinking juice and keep the lips in that position again.


The next exercise for snoring is to put your tongue out and keep it in the extended position facing straight ahead. Hold it in this position and then relax. Each time you do this exercise, try to beat your previous limit and if this is repeated again and again, the exercise will be very effective.


The next phase is to reach the ends of the mouth with your tongue. As your tongue reaches the corners of the mouth, hold it in that position and then relax. Repeat this exercise also many times.


The next exercise is to use the tongue to touch the ends of the chin and hold it in the position as far as you can reach.


The next exercise is to keep putting your tongue in and out of your mouth with considerable speed. Also try to flick the tongue to the corner of the mouth with the same speed. The last phase of the exercise is to move the tongue in circles, as the tongue is touching the lips.


These exercises for snoring will contract and stretch the various tissues and if you do these exercises for at least fifteen minutes, they will be more effective than surgeries and medicines. This will also reduce snoring and get rid of all your headaches.


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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Exercise is better and more effective than surgeries and medicines. A well come suggestion.