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Understanding the Symptoms of Hyper-Hypo-Thyroidism

Updated on April 24, 2018

 What Is A Thyroid?

"The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck in the front of the windpipe. In healthy people, the thyroid makes just the right amounts of two hormones, T4 and T3, which perform important actions throughout the body. These hormones regulate many aspects of our metabolism, affecting everything from our temperature, mood, muscle strength and appetite to heart rate." (Source: John Hopkins University)

When Should A Thyroid Be Tested?

"Like routine screenings for high blood pressure and breast cancer, screening for an underactive thyroid gland should be part of periodic examinations for people over age 35, especially women, a Johns Hopkins-led study suggests.

The findings contradict current recommendations by most physician groups that such thyroid screenings are unnecessary in the general population

"Routine thyroid screenings may prevent a mild problem from becoming severe" (source -John Hopkins University)".

Symtoms Of Hypothyrodism

"Symptoms may become evident over the course of a few weeks, or they may gradually emerge over  several months or years.

Some people may begin to notice that they are unable to tolerate cooler temperatures that feel perfectly comfortable to others around them. This symptom is called cold intolerance.

Some peopele may experience a substantial amount of weight gain due to changes in rates of energy consumption and metabolism.

Some peope may feel tired and lethargic much of the time, sleeping for long periods without feeling energized or refreshed.

Changes in behavior may be noticed." (Source-John Hopkins University)

"Hyper" Thyroidism? Is Much More Complicated

"Most of these symptoms are related to exposure to excess amounts of thyroid hormone.

Physical signs that may become apparent in patients who develop thyrotoxicosis reflect exposure to excess amounts of thyroid hormone.

People who develop thyrotoxicosis may be noted to have an accelerated heart rate as a result of increased stimulation of the cardiovascular system.

If measurement of the pulse reveals that a person's heart is beating at a rate faster than 100 beats per minute, this acceleration is called tachycardia.

Increased stimulation of the cardiovascular system may also lead to the development of abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmias.

In most situations when an irregular pulse is detected, an electrocardiogram must be performed to determine if an underlying arrhythmia is present.

thyrotoxicosis may reveal warm moist skin that is very smooth in texture.

Characteristic skin changes may be related to increased blood flow in the tissues supporting the skin and increased stimulation of the sweat glands.

Testing of the reflexes may reveal sharp forceful contraction of muscles when tendons in the arms, knees, and ankles are tapped with a reflex hammer.

Further testing may reveal evidence of a fine tremor when a patient is asked to hold a hand out to keep it steady.

Muscle strength may be noted to be decreased when a patient is asked to push or pull against fixed resistance.

Increased contraction of the muscles that open the upper eyelids may be associated with a finding called retraction.

A toxic multinodular goiter is a disorder that may develop when there is enlargement of the thyroid gland caused by the growth of multiple thyroid nodules that produce and secrete excess amounts of thyroid hormone.

"Iodine-induced hyperthyroidism is a condition that may develop when a susceptible patient is exposed to an excessive amount of iodine." (source- John Hopkins University)

How likley are you to have your thyroid routinley checked?

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    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 4 years ago

      Thanks for reading Many people do not think to have their thyroid checked and many times that is the problem, doctors dont disclose this because they can lose so much money with all those diagnoses they do and the pharmecutical companies also would lose money, kind of like the common cold, it dosnt get cured because of all the money that will be lost

    • profile image

      Grey Temples 4 years ago

      Very informative article. Thank you!

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 6 years ago

      oh wow - have you ever tried a second opinion? I tried three - my mother in law was on cholosterol medicine and all that stuff but since she has been off of it she is much better now - there are foods and vitamins that help keep cholosterol down without the side effects of those pills

    • profile image

      Hoopa 6 years ago

      I tried Cranberry juice. It doesn't work for me. Iodine in Cranberry juice is supposed to jumpstart the thyroid and help with metabolism. It works on a temporary basis.

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 6 years ago

      That sounds like a good idea - also try cranberry juice I had a doc tell me it dosn't work but it seems to work just fine for the water retention - make sure its 100% juice and drink it every morning see if that helps and let me know it does here :)

    • profile image

      Hoopa 6 years ago

      My thyroid works on Synthroid. All the medications that I am on for my BP, Cholesterol and Thyroid have the side effect of causing edema. So the weight gain is there. I am trying to look into seeing if there is a medication which I can take for the three conditions that doesn't have edema as a side effect. :(

    • cartaylight profile image

      cartaylight 6 years ago from Park City Utah

      Thanks for the info

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 6 years ago

      I can imagine - my next article I think is going to be on overly medicated in america -one drug causes a side effect that brings on another drug that causes another side effect and pretty soon a person is taking way too many meds and causeing themselves severe problems - this is a serious issue in the United States - my 87 year old mother in law came to live with me on 16 meds - over the course of two years and much research she is basically just taking a thyroid pill now which I believe her thyroid was damaged due to being overly medicated - last year she was diagnosed - dead basically -couldn't walk I was advised she was going down hill and to give her more tranquilizing medication and bring in home health - Ok so I did - for a week - then I fired em Reduced her meds and am happy to say - a year later - she is walking and talking just fine - in the process I learned all about the thyroid and what a main part of our body it is ...Thanks for the comment and best of luck to ya :)

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

      Jo_Goldsmith11 6 years ago

      I have a thyroid problem that was brought on because of a drug called lithium; my Dr. didn't bother to tell me that it was serious. Now I have trouble with weight issues and on top of my fibermalga life can be pretty daunting sometimes. Great article!

    • bayoulady profile image

      bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      hello fellow hubber. My daughter is having her thyroid removed next month, so I was researching thyroid issues.I came across your hub, and I must say..I'm impressed . well done. I learned so much!rate up and useful!

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Excellent hub. It is good to know about thyroid problems. God Bless You.


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