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Chances of Tick Bites Infection - First Aid Treatment

Updated on July 11, 2011


Tick Bites First Aid Treatment

1. Ticks are found in certain parts of the world. They often carry spotted fever, tick typhus, and other serious diseases. If not treated properly, its poison may paralyze the brain and heart. Risk of infection from the tick bites depends on the geographical location. However, there are very few chances of tick bite infection in a person having normal health. If tick head or other parts of his body are not attached with the skin, there are rare chances of acquiring any sort of tick bite infection.

2. The first thing to do after tick bite is to remove the tick from the skin. For this purpose, one could use fine curved tweezers. With the help of a pair of tweezers grasp the tick from the back as close to the skin as possible and slowly and steadily but firmly pull the body of the tick from the skin of the victim. Do not twist or turn the body of the tick as it will break the body of the tick in the body of the victim. If the body of thick is broken in the victim's skin, it will be harder to remove and could spread infection. Be assure the head of the tick is completely removed.

3. Don't forget to wash hands by applying lot of water and soap after handling a tick. The instruments should also be cleansed.

4. After removing the head of the tick, thoroughly wash the area of the bite, using plenty of soap and water. Then apply some suitable dressing and go at once to your doctor.

5. Old methods of removing the tick are no more advisable. Applying a lighted match to tick's tail is not good as it could cause the tick to behave as an injection. Similarly, applying a drop of krosene to the tick is also not a proper treatment to get the tick out of the skin of the victim.

6. Keep the victim of tick bite lying down for some time.

7. If the tick bite victim seems weak or dizzy, give him strong tea or coffee. Never give alcohol. This only spreads the infection through the body more quickly.

8. Lay an ice pack over the area of the infected skin to relieve pain and slow the spread of infection.

9. Victim should be persuaded to be calm and avoid excitement. Keep him quite. Tell him that in most of the cases, probability of infection of tick bite is very rare.

10. If a fever develops, call your doctor.


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    • TinaTango profile image

      TinaTango 6 years ago

      Great hub! I know when I was so young that I could play in the woods and sometimes come home with at least 2 ticks on my body! I am so surprised my mother did not have a heart attack. Good thing to know how to handle tick bites, thank yoU!