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Tightening your skin after losing weight

Updated on March 8, 2016

Weight loss is a very popular phenomenon all over the world, across all ages. It is equally essential to learn how to tighten the skin after losing weight because without this knowledge, a substantial benefit of weight loss could be defeated if the skin looks saggy. It is not uncommon for skilled weight loss coaches to teach people about the best ways to tighten the skin after weight loss. This article will discuss each and every way you can tighten your skin after weight loss.

1. Don't lose weight too quickly:
Dropping a lot of weight within a short period of time may not be as helpful as it sounds. It can make your skin sag. One of the ways to tighten your skin after weight loss is to lose weight gradually. As you do this, your skin will shrink on its own. However, if you continue losing weight rapidly, your skin will lose elasticity and sag.

2. Skin firming creams:
Another way to tighten the skin after weight loss is the use of skin firming creams. These creams contain Vitamin E and Vitamin A which will increase the elastin and collagen of your skin thereby leading to a firmer skin.

3. Exercises:
According to the Chief Science Officer of the American Council on exercise, exercises strengthen your skin as it produces a layer of muscle underneath the skin. This will make the skin firmer. It is essential that you perform exercise routines at least every other day if you are losing weight. Also, there are chances that your belly has some lose skin if you have just lost weight, this is why you should focus on belly toning exercises. Belly toning exercises are of various types, they include air bike, leg raises, side bridges, sit ups and pelvic thrusts. Belly toning exercises will tighten the skin in your tummy area. Calisthenics is another form of exercise you should consider. It is great for building lean muscle and definitely great for tightening the skin after weight loss. Calisthenics can be fun and you are helping your skin simultaneously.

4. Mineral salt scrubs:
Mineral salts when applied to the body increases blood flow which in turn encourages healthy and elastic skin. It has been proven to work for many people in acquiring a firmer skin. Try using a mineral scrub in the shower every morning and you will most likely see positive results.

5. Massage:
Massage is another proven way of having a firmer skin. Taking a weekly massage will increase blood circulation that would give you an healthy skin. Getting a professional massage is preferable, however if you cannot get one and you are currently losing weight, then getting a massage by your friend may not be bad idea.

6. Increase your water intake:
An hydrated skin is an healthy skin. Drinking a lot of water will make your skin hydrated. This ensures that your skin becomes smoother, tighter and appear more radiant. When you are losing weight, make sure you drink at least six glasses of water daily. There is no doubt that hydration is wonderful for the health and appearance of your skin.

7. Limit your sun exposure:
Over exposure to the sun will have a negative effect on your skin's elasticity.Do not consider getting a sun bath when you are undergoing a weight loss program.

8. Avoid Junk food and eat lean protein:
Food that are high in fat will destroy whatever effort you are making to keep a tight skin. Avoid food that are high in fat. Moreso, add plenty of lean protein to your diet. This is because lean protein helps the body build lean muscle. Lean protein contain collagen and other minerals that increases the elasticity of the skin.

9. Avoid swimming pools with high chlorine content:
Chlorine filled swimming pools can seriously inhibit your effort to get a tighter skin. Swimming pools and hot tubs makes skin elasticity difficult to attain. If swimming is part of your weight loss program, be sure to rinse your body throughly afterwards.

10. Use Essential Oil:
Rubbing the skin with essential oils have being proven to produce a tighter and firmer skin. If you are losing weight, rubbing your body with essential oil after every night shower is one sure way to improve your skin's elasticity.

One sure way to ensure that you get a firm skin after weight loss is to subscribe to a weight loss program by a skilled instructor. This will ensure that you would be taught how to tighten your skin after losing weight. It is much safer if you know this before you begin losing weight.


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