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Tilted Uterus Symptoms

Updated on June 17, 2011

What Is a Tilted Uterus?

A tilted uterus is also called a tipped uterus, tilted womb, or a retroverted uterus. It is a somewhat common female problem. As many as approximately 1 out of 4 women may have a tipped uterus.

A tilted uterus is as its name mentions. The uterus tilts toward the back instead of vertical or pointed toward the abdomen, as it normally does in a woman's body. Women with a tipped uterus are usually born with it, but some develop a retroverted uterus as they approach menopause. Sometimes endometriosis can cause a tilted uterus, too.

Common Tilted Uterus Symptoms

For most women, having a tilted uterus poses no symptoms whatsoever or causes any health conditions. Until recent years, women were told that a tilted uterus could cause a woman to have difficulties becoming pregnant. Doctors now know that almost all of the time, a tilted uterus doesn't interfere with the ability to conceive. A tipped uterus also rarely interferes with childbirth, either.

There are a few unlucky women for which a retroverted uterus is a problem. Most of the problems encountered with a tipped uterus involve sexual intercourse. Do you think that you may have a tipped uterus? Here are some of the most common tilted uterus symptoms:

Sometimes a tilted uterus causes pain during intercourse. This is the main symptom of a tipped uterus that women complain about most often. Another common tilted uterus symptom is pain in the pelvic area.

Here are other tilted uterus symptoms:

Painful periods
Recurring UTIs (urinary tract infections)
Lower back pain, especially while menstruating
Urinary leakage
Tampons are uncomfortable or impossible to use

Treatment for a tipped uterus is usually done by a simple procedure called uterine suspension, or a laparoscopy, in which the uterus is moved to a more proper position. This surgical procedure will usually result in being able to have sex without pain and sometimes alleviates painful periods. However, if it doesn't solve the problem and stop the pain, a hysterectomy may be necessary to correct the issue.

Tilted Uterus Symptoms Comments

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    • profile image

      DianeA 5 years ago

      I suffer from frequent urinary tract infections (unfortunately I would get one about 50% of the time after intercourse--even after urinating directly afterwards). I started taking Lady Soma's Cranberry Supplement (the maximum of 4 a day) only when I had intercourse, or when I felt a UTI coming on (although once I felt it coming on, it was sometimes too late). My UTIs are way down from how frequently I was getting them without the lady soma cranberry supplement. I have lost my health insurance and was concerned about the expense of having to go to the doctor or ER for UTI's, so I began taking 2 pills a day (and 4 on the days that I have intercourse), and have not had a problem since.

    • profile image

      terry 5 years ago

      essure a method for that should be used

    • profile image

      Barb 5 years ago

      I have a tilted uterus. I had no issues conceiving my first child. That was 5 years ago and since then we've been trying and still no baby. They did every test and finally told me that I have a tilted uterus. I have pain during intercourse, horrible period-cramps and lower back pain. I'm now also getting UTI's and pee like a pregnant woman.

    • profile image

      Sio 6 years ago

      This is brilliant.

      I only found out I had a retroverted uterus last feb when I went for my 12 week scan and they had a hard time seeing my son. It caused no problems during pregnancy but until I was pregnant I suffered from constant UTI's from the age of 14-26, painful sexual intercourse and cracking lower back ache during mensturation. But since having my son summer last year I have not had one UTI (usually I've had about 10-20 at this point), my periods are less painful and sex is no longer a painful experience. My mum was the same and she told me that once she'd given birth to me all the symptoms were relieved. She's never had a UTI since having me, she was 21 when I was born and she's now 48. I can say that what she said has rung true as I'm finally symptom free.

    • profile image

      Lottapain 6 years ago

      When i complained of pain during intercourse doctors were useless. For forty years i had pain and its really put me off sex. I finally found out the cause. Why didnt the doctors tell me before? Its made my sex life a misery and must have been upsetting for my partners too as they felt unwanted. So glad for internet. Nhopefully younger oen wont suffer the same.

    • profile image

      Sam 6 years ago

      I have a tilted uterus and I have never experienced pain during intercourse or back pain and I have never had a UTI. I am currantly pregnant with my 4th child

    • profile image

      mommybear 6 years ago

      I have dealt with a tilted Uterus, I went to a nature path and she did a chinese method of massage and moved my uterus to its proper location. I use to get lots of UTI and I since than I have only had 1, and that was 10 years prior. I promptly went back after that UTI and she moved it again and now 5 years later and 2 more kids later I plan to go again. It is not a permanent solution but it saves me thousand for a surgery, and it works.

    • profile image

      ss 7 years ago

      I recently found out I have a retroverted uterus so much that a regular ultrasound couldn't show my pregnancy. But this explains or at least I think it does, of why it is painful for me during intercourse and my lower back always hurts. Is there any way of fixing it? I sometimes take pain killers before intercourse which helps some of the time but im not sure if I could cause damage without me knowing. But I am only in my 20's n this has been a problem for about 3 years and I just want to be able to enjoy sex without being scared of the extreme discomfort. Any suggestions would be great. Ty.

    • raisingme profile image

      raisingme 7 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      I just had a flare up with this very thing wherein it was pressing against nerves in my spine and causing a good deal of pain. For some reason it never even occurred to me to look it up on the internet (must be too busy with HubPages - it only flared up because I've been sitting at the computer writing hubs!) I open my email this morning and there you are. THANK YOU!

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Great hub! I have a tilted uterus and I remember being told time and time again by doctors and friends over 40 years ago that I could not get pregnant. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! (I have two children over 40 years of age)

      I tended not to have the symptoms. I shudder when I think of all the poor advice doctors gave me - fortunately, I never sought any type of medical treatment and I have always been fine and healthy.

      This is such a great topic because it is better we share this type of information so other women will not think there is something wrong with them. There is nothing wrong, we just have differences.

      Rated up for sure. Thanks again!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Very good idea to raise this subject which might be helpful to sufferers.