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Time Is Valuable

Updated on December 4, 2013

Time Flies

Time management seems to be a problem area, because we never feel there is enough time in a day. We sit back sometimes and reflect and realize how fast time flies in our lives. One day our families are young and the children are small and suddenly they are grown with lives of their own. We see day by day, week by week and month by month fly by and it feels we can't catch a breath. Time is something that we should value and make the most of so that when we sit back and reflect, we have valued memories that grew with that time that flew by. There are many articles on time management skills and how to use time wisely, but what about making time something important in life that gives meaning and value.

Time | Source

Where Did The Time Go?

There are those people that are go-getters, that get so much done in a day that others are amazed at their abilities. There are the casual, laid back people that take the day as it comes, they get what they can done and are happy with their accomplishments. Then, there are those that sit and waste time doing nothing really, and then feel envy over those that are out doing things and living their lives. People are probably a mix of all of those sorts of people. The difference is, that some uncover the go-getter easier than others. We all feel a sense of pride when we have a great day and feel productive and get things done. We all need a day to do nothing and recharge and rebuild that energy level and that day usually turns out to be a good day, and then we all have those moments where we feel casual about our time and throw our hands up and say “ I did what I could”, and we feel okay with that. Being the best person you can be is the most important part of any day no matter how you tackle it. Using time wisely to benefit the entire person is the key to good health and happiness.

Is Time Valuable?

Do You Make The Most Of Your Time?

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What Is Important?

What is truly important at the end of the day? Happiness, health and those that matter to you are what is important to a lot of people at the end of the day. When you lay your head on the pillow at night, have you ever thought about your last day on earth? What would be your last request if you knew it was your last day? Would you want to count your money or see your name in bright lights with accolades? Would you want to be surrounded by the things you bought and gained over the years or would you want to be with those that love and care for you most? Most people would probably want to make the most of those last moments of time, surrounded by people they care for and love.

Do make endless to do lists?
Do make endless to do lists? | Source

When we can remember to include our own importance each day, we can end the day feeling accomplished and productive, as well as content in our own happiness. Incorporate healthy life choices that will help lead a happy lifestyle.

  • Exercise

  • Eat Healthy

  • Sleep Well

  • Do Something You Love

How To Get It All Done?

There is something to say about writing things down. The human brain is an amazing organ but it is never able to remember it all. Writing down what our priorities are and what we need to remember is a positive way to keep ourselves on track and productive. Sitting down in the morning and jotting down things that must be completed, tasks that need to be worked on and what our priorities are for they day can keep us focused on all the chaos in our lives. Remembering ourselves is important too. Making time for ourselves creates value to our time. It is important to be accountable to ourselves as well as others in a busy day. Make a things to do list and write down what is important to accomplish but remember to write down the things that value yourself. Exercise, eating healthy and including something that makes us happy.

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ExerciseEat wellMake sure you have things you love to do on your to do list each day.
Exercise | Source
Eat well
Eat well | Source
Make sure you have things you love to do on your to do list each day.
Make sure you have things you love to do on your to do list each day. | Source

Incorporate Healthy Things Into Your Life

Eat Well
Sleep Well
Do Something You Love
Go for walks
Incorporate whole grains into your diet
Set a bed time that allows you at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep
Find your inner passion and do it every day
Take a class
Get plenty of fruit and vegetables
Don't watch television in the bedroom
Learn a new hobby or interest you have always wanted to try
Try weight lifting
Eat lean protein
Get a comfortable mattress that gives good support to your body
No matter what it is you love to do, set aside time to do it
Cleaning can make some people happy and relieve stress.
Cleaning can make some people happy and relieve stress. | Source
Even odd tasks can keep someone feeling productive and happy.
Even odd tasks can keep someone feeling productive and happy. | Source

There Are Too Many Things To Do!

Does your to-do list have a page full of things that need to be done on it? Do you see anything on the list that is just for yourself? Do you take the time to write down a few tasks that will bring you joy?

We constantly run around in total chaos thinking about other people and what they expect of us but do we include ourselves? Even the strangest tasks that need to be done could bring us contentment. For example, I feel accomplished when I have things stored the way I like them and I enjoy a few cleaning tasks that make me feel mentally healthy. Someone might find contentment working on a car or ironing or sewing. Shouldn't those tasks be on our daily to-do list so that we remember to do something we enjoy, instead of a mile long list of tasks that bring us no contentment and only make others happy?

If we have written down the important things we need to get done in a day, and included what is important to ourselves, the end of the day will bring us a feeling of happiness and being accomplished.

Time Can Pass You By!

Don't waste time and let life come to a turtles crawl.
Don't waste time and let life come to a turtles crawl. | Source
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The Internet Sucks Up  A Lot Of TimeSocial Media Distracts UsInternet games can be addictive and big time wasters.
The Internet Sucks Up  A Lot Of Time
The Internet Sucks Up A Lot Of Time | Source
Social Media Distracts Us
Social Media Distracts Us | Source
Internet games can be addictive and big time wasters.
Internet games can be addictive and big time wasters. | Source

It Feels Like Nothing Gets Done!

Do you find yourself at the end of the day realizing you have been running around in a circle and nothing got done? That happens to a lot of people and it's happening to more and more people these days since the inception of the internet. People waste more time these days doing nothing because they find they are sitting on the internet doing mindless tasks. The internet preoccupies people, it's easy to get lost in internet searches and social media and those addictive games.

Why do we allow ourselves to get lost in mindless entertainment? Life gets so busy and so chaotic that sometimes it becomes overwhelming and we need that break in the day to just do something mindless. The problem with taking those breaks, is that it becomes part of our routine and takes up more time than we meant to give it. Do you get a task done with the thought in the back of your mind, that you will reward yourself with a few minutes on the computer? I think a lot of people have allowed the computer to become a reward or an escape. It is important to remember that time is valuable. It's like a currency in our life and when we are wasting it we are deducting moments in our lives that we can't get back.

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Relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy what you like to do and don't let stress take over in your life.Get outdoors, go for a walk and enjoy nature!
Relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy what you like to do and don't let stress take over in your life.
Relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy what you like to do and don't let stress take over in your life. | Source
Get outdoors, go for a walk and enjoy nature!
Get outdoors, go for a walk and enjoy nature! | Source

Make The Most Of Your Time!

Stop wasting time and living life without making the most of every moment.

  • Make a to-do list and include tasks that you enjoy and like to do.

  • Get off the computer and make use of that time doing something that will make you feel accomplished.

  • Really assess yourself and what makes yourself happy and incorporate those things in your every day routine.

  • Don't let stress rule your life. If you get everything done and are feeling proud of yourself, great, you were productive. If you did not get everything done, don't put yourself into a corner over it, be proud of what you did get done and accomplished and plan better tomorrow.

  • Treat time like a currency. If you are wasting time it's like throwing money out the window. When you see time has a value you will want to make the most of it.

    There is one thing that is certain and that is that we aren't here forever. Tomorrow is never promised, so to have happiness in life, we have to live for today. Start including yourself in your time management and make sure that you create a life that gives your time value. Whether you are that go-getter or the casual time user or even the time waster, at the end of time will you be able to look back and reflect fondly over every moment or will you have regrets because you spent your time unwisely? Think of time with value and as a currency in your life and you will find that no matter what your situation is, no matter what your accomplishments are, you lived your life richly.


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    • jrpierce profile image

      Jaymie 4 years ago from Ellijay, Ga

      You are so right, I think it's true age brings wisdom and as we get older we realize how valuable time really is in our lives. :)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      The older I get the more valuable time becomes. :) Funny how that works, isn't it? Great points.


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