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That Time of the Month: Menstruation - Sex during a Period

Updated on August 21, 2017

That Time of the Month

Menstruation is commonly known as; that time of the month, menstrual period, and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). The flow of menstrual bleeding is a sign that a woman is not pregnant, in most cases. Women are more able to become iron deficient (anemic), due to the amounts of blood loss during her cycle. A woman's menstrual period can start as a young teenager, on to about age 50. If any menstrual period last longer than 7 days, contact your doctor. Although most women dread having their periods, menstrual periods are healthy for a woman's body. The purpose for having a menstrual period is for cleansing the body's system from bacteria. Also having a period makes women have a longer life, and fewer wrinkles, due to the amounts of estrogen released through the body.

Some women use "that time of the month" as an excuse to behave grouchy and mean. But I do admit that menstrual periods do have most women feeling very emotional and irritable.

Menstruation, That Time of The Month
Menstruation, That Time of The Month

Menstrual Periods

PMS premenstrual syndrome is a way for a woman to get to know her body more. A menstrual period will let you know if you have been treating your body the right way.

There will be less menstrual cramps, nausea and headaches; when eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking water. Foods that are high in iron is a We woman need to learn about our own individual bodies. We should eat better, think better, and live better. Furthermore, exercise plays a huge part in having a normal period; it will result in having less cramps. Vitamins that contain iron can reduce menstrual cramps; when their taken regularly (as prescribed by a doctor). Vitamins with iron is important for "that time of the month," such as vitamins that a high in iron. When menstruating you may want avoid drinking cold icy beverages, it could cause painful cramps for some women. I advise drinking hot soups and herbal teas for fewer cramps, especially in the Winter seasons.

Sex during Menstruation

Some couples unknowingly have sex during the woman's menstruation. It's been advised to them that it's alright to have sex during menstruation by their friends, family members, and even their doctors. But it is NOT alright to have sex during the menstrual cycle, because this is the time that the woman's reproductive system is cleansing itself from bacteria. The period is cleaning the woman's body through the menstrual bleeding process, like a filter. The period process starts at the ovaries, and then the ovary egg travels through the fallopian tubes to the other female reproductive system until it's out of the body, which is called menstruation. In some cases, one of the ovaries doesn't make it through the reproductive system, due to the male's sperm fertilizing one or more of the ovary eggs, this is know as pregnancy. Most menstrual periods last between 2-7 days depending on age and the individual.

Scripture about Menstrual Period

Importantly, in Leviticus 18:19 states that, [Also you shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness as long as she is in her customary impurity]. This is self-explanatory, and it makes sense.



How does a woman know when she is ovulating? Having pre-menstrual symptoms is ovulating. Some couples have to wait until the ovulating time to get pregnant while the egg is still inside; not when the egg has come down the fallopian tubes. When ovulation begins the female would feel soreness in her breast more than usual. And she will have water retention in body, such as fingers, ankles, waistline, and all over her body actually. This is also part of the bloating process, called water retention. Also the woman will feel sleepy more than usual. The body obtains all this water (water retention - bloating) so that it can prepare for cleansing, during the menstrual cycle.

Menstruation Cycle

That is the only way to cleanse something, is to use water as one of its main ingredients. And that is what a woman's body goes through "that time of the month." After all, women do bring the gift-of-life into the world through these same bodies. God designed females' bodies to have period cycles for a reason and God don't make mistakes. Periods are natural and a form of cleanliness. So accept and appreciate "that time of the month." Also, women can assist their body during the filtration process/period by eating healthy (foods high in iron) to prevent iron deficiency (anemia) since this tends to happen during the period cycle, and drink normal amounts of water daily (4 - 7 bottles).

Thank you.

How to Stop or Relieve Menstrual Cramps

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    • Brinafr3sh profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from West Coast, United States

      @ Emem Stephen thanks for commenting on this article. Visit again.

    • profile image

      emem stephen 

      8 years ago

      dear sis, thanks for this education. Now if there is one thing that brings to glaring realities the complex creation called woman, it's female menstration. I personally believe that what a woman needs most when she is in that time is understanding. She needs to understands herself and also needs people to understand her. Education like this help her to understand herself and it also helps others to understand her. Nice article


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