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Times, They Are A Changing... Go With The Flow...

Updated on November 30, 2012
Pull Harder, A Door Will Open!!!
Pull Harder, A Door Will Open!!!

Eviction... Just Another Day....

So after working my entire life and supporting my family and my ex-husband... rolling with the punches I finally moved out in January after I was laid off from my job... I have been very blessed in my life because of close friends and family and I was able to stay a float until the dreaded day of July 17th, when my landlord decided that seven days behind in the rent was too much and gave me a 3 days to pay or quit notice.... Well, of course I did what everyone else in the world would do.. I talked to people and was advised that it would usually take approximately 90 days, not that I was planning on staying the 90 days, but just knowing that I had at least the time to find a place and find a place to place my kids and my belongings was good.

Well as things turned out, I didn't have 90 days... crap I didn't even have 40 days (even Noah had that) but what happened to me during the "waiting period" was kind of amazing to me..

I am a survivor, however after having such a long and difficult marriage, and having lost a job to no fault of mine, I became defeated.. Before the notice I woke up every morning and made my bed, got up looked for work, which was depressing in itself, and did what I was supposed to do as a human being and a person that had worked all of her life.. But once the notice came on the 17th of July, not so long after having moved out of the house with my ex, I became depressed, and defeated.. I have never been defeated and this was very new to me.. I am a fighter and never give up but at this transition in my life I just gave I then received a notice from the Sheriff saying that I had to move out on the 16th of August which actually only 46 days after my rent was due, I went into hiding.. I was paralized and couldn't do anything, until a couple of nights before the Sheriffs showed up to my door and locked me out of my home.. My Happy Place..

What I realize now is that of course I was in denial, and depressed, I have no ill will to my Landlord, as she did not rent me the house so that she could lose money, but rented it to me so that she could make money.. I am a business person and so I understand that... but what has happened since the final day is kind of amazing to me...

What has happened since Thursday the 16th the day that I was locked out of my home I realized, only when a random reporter from the Modesto Bee came to interview me, is that as bad as I have it.. and as mad as I could have been I still have the common sense to know right from wrong.. I have worked in real estate for years, and have seen so many people vandalize and trash homes because they are mad at the fact that the bank is closing in on them and making them move out of "their home" well, actually until it is paid off it is not your home, if it is a rental it is not your home, and you have to realize that when you sign any contract that you are not doing it necessarily for you to get ahead but either the bank or the landlord to get ahead, how can you trash a house if you have lost your job and the Landlord evicts you because you can't pay the rent? How can you be mad at a bank because you signed a contract that you didn't read and now your mortgage has gone up by hundreds of dollars???

What I do know is that I have always tried to do the right thing... I left the home clean, I left the home although I didn't want to, because I was hurting, with no damage.. I actually still like the person that was my Landlord not because I am a sap or a sucker, but because she took a chance on me and it was not either my fault or hers that that didn't work out...

So today I filed for homeless assistance.. I have paid into the system and now I actually have to use it.. not because of OBAMA, but because of just the way the economy is.. which was bad WAAAYYYY before OBAMA came into office, BUT at least after working my whole entire life, and putting money into the system I am able to at least have assistance getting a new place and starting over..

Hey starting over for me is a cake walk, because of course I am contest Barbie... I will do what ever it takes to win a contest and not end up in last place.. I am not in last place not I am actually in a very good place because right now what I get to see is how the "other side lives" and all that does for me is makes me want to fight harder for the underdog... this is not a good situation, and I am not in the perfect living arrangement, but look out.. cause I am going to tell my story to everyone that I walk up to, because this economy was bad WAYYY before OBAMA, and is only getting worse.. EVERYONE is in Jeopardy right now except the rich, and how can you be middle or low class and not realize that we are ALL in jeopardy???

So all I am saying is everyday changes as does every life.. don't be so blind not to realize that your day could change just merely at the end of a work day... I am a big girl I will and always will do fine, even in the times like these, but there are those that prey on the ones that can't make it, and it's not the ones that can't make it that I Pity, but the ones that prey on the ones that just don't know better..

But on a lighter note... I have found that my Explorer (around here called the Exploder) is not a mobile home just because it has four wheels... it sometimes can be a home just because you have kno place to go...Not because you didn't do your part, but because someone WAY higher up didn't, and way before Our current president was in office..


So with that said, what I do know is that everyday, Times are Changing and we just have To Go With The Flow... No Day Is Perfect, Nor Is Any Life Both Are What YOU Make of it, not the Politicians... But YOU by doing your part even though it is hard. PAY IT FORWARD... I am having the hardest time of my life but, I still have faith, I still have honor, I still have belief in others... and even our crazy government... soo with that said...

Did you hear about the 100 year old hooker, that went into a bar, sat on a bar stool......... and sunk.... sllllloooowwwwllllyyyy tooooo the ground???

Modesto Bee Article:

She Sunk Slowly To The Ground....
She Sunk Slowly To The Ground....

Sunday Modesto Bee... just saying...

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