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Ting Ting Head Massager

Updated on July 5, 2011

Relax yourself with Ting Ting Head Massager. Ting ting head massager is an octopus shaped massager that gently stimulates your nerve endings on the scalp, also massaging acupressure points. Its tingly effect creates a pleasant impression for your repose. You can use it to relax your other joints as well; the Ting ting head massager helps the stimulation of blood flow through your joints to relieve pain.

This massager may look strange from first look, but its results are immeasurable. This massager is made with a vibrating head which promotes the movement and stimulation; a motor, and a set of copper legs with tips to create and impression to your aching joint. Each copper leg is made of unique tips. Its motor can be adjusted to a particular strength that will create a stronger rubdown for a harder impression, or a lesser strength for a gentle feel. You can also turn off the motor for a manual massage.

Each Ting ting head massager uses 2 AA Batteries for its motor to run. On using this massager, you must form it to its best possible operating contour according to your need. The legs can be stretched out as wide as your head’s diameter. On using on your lower joints, you can also give this massager a twist and pull to give a stronger impact on that particular joint. For best results, use repetitively as you can—this process helps the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural relaxing hormones, and also its resident pain killer. The ting ting head massager can be used on the back as well. You’ll be surprised to fin out how many ways you can use this massager to soothe your pain, or just relax!

The Ting ting head massager gives off that goose-bumpy sensation that creates a pleasurable experience while you rest. It is your own mini massager that doesn’t cost you much. Use it when you want to relax or for that brain awakening time! It reduces stress and relieves headache and other minor pains. Because its legs can be adjusted, it’s so flexible that you can use it however you want. Aside from being a head massager, you can use this on your neck, legs, arms, and others.

Get on with this relaxing experience and buy your own Ting ting massager today. This is also a good gift for those workaholics or for those who simply want to unwind. The ting ting head massager is also ideal to bring when travelling. Because it is so handy, you can bring it anywhere you want—you can even use it in your office whenever you feel a headache. You can use it manually or with its motor running—battery replacement is easy as well. Set up a time to relax after a weary day on your journey with this head massager.

The ting ting head massager is the best handy gadget that will soothe your minor pains and stimulate you in your rest. You’ll love the pleasurable feel of each joint as it relaxes you. Find relief with this little gadget, and benefit on the relaxing sensation it brings you!

Ting Ting head massager video


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