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Treating Tingling Numbness Naturally: Home Remedies and Natural Cures

Updated on July 29, 2016

What is Tingling Numbness? Pins and Needles Sensation

Tingling numbness or the ‘pins and needles’ sensation is very common, but can be very annoying. The sensation is associated with hypersensitivity and burning in the arms and / or legs.

Tingling numbness is linked to a number of disorders and ailments, such as, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease, sciatica, cervical spondylosis, slipped disc and migraine. Understanding the exact cause and managing it effectively is very crucial.

Raynaud's Disease can cause Tingling in Fingers and Hands
Raynaud's Disease can cause Tingling in Fingers and Hands | Source

What Causes Tingling Numbness?

Tingling numbness or abnormal sensations or ‘pins and needles’ sensation or paresthesia occurs due to defective neuro-transmission through the nerves. One may also complain of burning and a sensation of heaviness. There are a host of reasons that could trigger it.

The commonest cause is staying in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Moving around, can allay the symptoms effectively; on the other hand, if moving around does not help, then the cause of the disorder may be different.

Pressure on the nerves is another significant cause; as seen in carpal tunnel syndrome, impingement of the nerve due to spondylosis, sciatica, etc.

Medical supervision is vital in certain cases of tingling numbness, since it could be a sign of serious conditions, such as, a stroke or diabetes.

Critical conditions like peripheral vascular disease also referred to as Raynaud's Disease can also result in tingling and numbness in the fingers.

Except if the tingling numbness is a manifestation of a grave disease, numbness can be easily managed if you follow these guidelines.

Natural Home based Treatment of Tingling Numbness

Here are some useful home based treatment options for the management of tingling numbness and 'pins and needles' sensation:

  • If the tingling numbness is due to staying in one position for a long time, you must exercise and perk up the circulation.
  • On the other hand, if the ‘pins and needle’ sensation is due to undue activity, resting is very essential.
  • Do not remain in the same position for long periods of time, particularly, when watching the television or working at the computer.
  • Yoga and physiotherapy are recommended. This will allay the sensation of ‘pins and needles’ and will also enhance blood circulation significantly.

Home Remedies to Treat Tingling Numbness and Poor Circulation

Here are some simple home remedies that can be beneficial in the treatment and management of tingling numbness

  • Supplementation provides great relief. Vitamin B complex supplements and vitamin E supplements are advocated. However, do consult your doctor before embarking up on any regimen.
  • Primrose oil is another very effective home remedy for tingling numbness. Apply the oil in to the affected area and gently massage, 2 to 3 times everyday. It shows quick results.
  • Steer clear of caffeine and alcohol; they reduce the flow of blood to the extremities.
  • Magnesium is an essential mineral for an optimally working cardiovascular and nervous system. Supplement your diet with magnesium, it enhances blood circulation.


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    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

      This is a useful information. I'm suffering those "pins and needles" due to my diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I'm on a maintenance of Vitamin B-complex, polynerve and yes, Vitamin E. I also apply some liniment when the sensation becomes very disturbing. I like to try the prim rose oil.

      Continue to shine with your good sharing to the HP community. Gob bless you.

    • GracieLake profile image

      GracieLake 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks for the great information. I've been seeing a lot of benefits from upping my veggies, especially kale, since it's packed with vitamin K which helps build stronger capillaries. I use a juicer to put celery, carrots, kale, and whatever else is in the fridge (or at the market) and drink this daily. It makes for a happy digestive system and reduces my joint inflammation too!

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