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Tinnitus - Living with the buzz

Updated on April 21, 2010

I used to suffer from tinnitus, but no longer, since I’ve learned to ‘tune in’. I believe I am listening to the currents of energy in my body and I’ve learned I can control it in a pretty cool way; when praying.

Protect your drums!

Get it checked!

In the summer of 2001 a loud buzzing began in my ears. I complained about it to my family until my husband hollered, “Go get it checked!” I did, and the ENT doc diagnosed tinnitus; from abuse or a history of ear infections as a child. I asked my mom if I ever suffered from the latter and she said no. Abuse seemed rational as I’d been to several very loud (very awesome) concerts as a teen, along with working in a very loud carwash. I also pounded on my drumset without ear protection. Seeing as how I did all that as a teen, I couldn’t figure out why it suddenly appeared in my thirties. The doctor said I probably just didn’t notice it coming on all those years, but I’ll tell you, with the volume it was at when she stuck her scope in my ear I was amazed she couldn't hear it herself!

A great awakening...

So I bitched and moaned for the first couple years, until other events in my life took precedence. Those other events eventually wound around to my ‘spiritual awakening’. I didn’t seek it, I was comfortable in my godless world, but the weird woo-woo stuff occurring in me mentally and physically could not be disregarded that easily...but that’s another hub.


Here it is several years later and I listen to the noises in my ears, or head, most of the time. They change constantly on their own. Although I haven’t figured out what causes the variety of clicks or non-clicks, tones, fading in and out, the ‘wah-wahs’ and the volume change, I have learned when I meditate, relax, and enter a blissful state, the tones go very, VERY high and very quiet. And instead of several tones wavering, it becomes almost a singular note - a high frequency you might say. I love it. And it is a controllable effect. It’s like my body responds to the relaxed, blissful state. Simply meditating doesn’t create it though. I have to enter a genuine state of gratitude. It's then that I can listen to the frequencies in my head change.

Another change I can count on occurs if I raise my emotional state. Anger and anxiety change the volume and tones drastically, to a point where I can no longer argue any attempts to 'be right'. (The kids think they're one up on me, but wait until I hide the car keys...hehehe)

Grocery gods??

The mystery to me though, is why it will change to the bliss effect, only rarely, when I am actively involved in something far removed from that blissful state. It occurred in a grocery store and I stopped to look around and see if someone or something was near me that I needed to pay attention to. I may never figure it out, but it’s enjoyable to research.

Music please

The doctor couldn’t recommend anything to help me, though I hear there are devices that can equalize or tone out the noise. But I’m using this unusual distraction right now as a personal coach, you might say, so until it gets to the point where I can’t hear my favorite music, I’m good.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I'm experiencing a wooing sound from my ears for the past months n its really annoying especially at night. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and a ears drop and thus far it the same. The drop not going down in ma ears it settle each time I uses it. Its like a heart beat n the wooing in one. When I'm in loud noise I don't hear it much... But when im in a quiet zone or about to go to bed thats when it gets bothersome. Trust me I give up I'm afraid I may get deaf or something. I always have huge headaches idk if that's the cause of it.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi, Cathy. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response. I was just tooling around on HubPages when I found your hub. Of course I had to read it. The hub and comments have given me an entirely new perspective on this phenomenon.

      This morning, while I was meditating, I heard it on the left side of my head, but it had a different quality - less hissing and more "open." I even got a visual of a triangular shape that was open in the middle. But it wasn't static; the lines of the triangle moved or fluctuated around this inner dark space. Hard to describe.

      Anyway, I am really intrigued now and will continue experimenting with it. Thanks again!

    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Hi PWalker281!

      Your case is another interesting one to me. It's been awhile since I wrote this and I've now learned this phenomenon is the main signaler for when energy is about to come into me. Sometimes, although much rarer now (because I've constantly progressed in my self-healing journey) I will get zapping, a precursor for what I nicknamed an 'energy wash' while I'm in theta level type consciousness. Once the zaps start, which sound like intermittent interference in the frequencies, I automatically relax myself, go empty and I will get filled throughout my body with a strong energy. I can only compare it to a balloon suddenly filled, and it remains there flowing, moving throughout my torso. It's very soothing for me to receive now, as I'm very relaxed and glad it's come. I figure it's a healing going on and I fully accept it. Sometimes the 'charge' will culminate into full internal 'climax' of some sort. I say internal because it is not anything like a sexual encounter as we humans experience. The energy stops and my body is vibrating and the frequencies in my head have become one and lighter. I've thought often about signing into a sleep disorder facility so as to be wired up and have this energy recorded, if possible, see what's occurring and where. Would be interesting to say the least.

      Have fun experimenting with it. I'm starting to believe more and more we are all being attuned for something. The word 'tonings' came to me once when I put out the question 'what are these'.

      Take care and thanks for popping in!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I really like your positive perspective on tinnitus. It started with me in my 40s (I'm 61 now) during a weekend seminar featuring a young man who channeled. I sat right next to him (we were seated in a circle) and as he was channeling, I started to hear a very faint buzzing or hissing sound.

      It has gotten progressively louder over the years, but I am so used to it now that it doesn't bother me that much, even at night when I'm drifting off to sleep. As long as I am not anxious or worrying about something, I have no problem falling asleep. And during the day, if I'm actively involved in stuff, I don't hear it at all. Only when I quiet down. Also during my morning meditation, I hear it as well, and it gets softer the deeper I go.

      I like BillyT's name for it - high energy hum. And I too hear it mostly on the right side of my head. I also experience other tones from time to time - they fade in, stay for a few seconds, and then fade out.

      I'm going to start experimenting with it to see what other results I can get. Thanks so much for this informative hub on tinnitus. Rated up and useful!

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      Being an electrician I am sure to recognize any zapping and will not be fearful. Thanks for the warning. lol

      Hope to stay in touch.

    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Billy - great to hear from you and to meet a fellow tinnitus experiencer! Even more so since you have made the spiritual connection of it to the pineal changes now occurring. I wish you peace on your journey also, and many more 'resonating' pieces on your path!


      Also, if you are also experiencing electrical/zapping energy sensations (mine are during alpha level of consciousness - between sleep and awake) don't be alarmed. I'm so happy for your newly awakened state and please stay in touch if you want...)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      WOW. It is amazing how I come across information which is so inline with my own story / condition. Cathy, your story “resonates” with me.

      I have high frequency hum, which I researched to be tinnitus. I am also piecing together the connection between the spiritual surprise I encountered. Never thought at 49 years of age it would happen (what I believe to be a pineal awakening) to me.

      The noise, at times fluctuates, changes intensity and is mostly on the right side but will be apparent on the left side at times.

      I have also been monitoring the constant hum and have notice it an increase in disturbance when in a conflict or in futile opposition?

      Mediation is the happy place for me and the noise. I wonder about the left and right movement and if it is connected to the left and right side mechanisms the of the brain?

      For now I am going to have fun with it and continue to explore possibilities, as I understand there may not be any miracle cure(maybe, maybe not?).

      Thank you so much for sharing your story and providing me a place to share mine.


    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Thanks for popping in Juliet. I appreciate that you mention complaints as being damaging because I believe they are. My kids seem stone deaf these days, ha!

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Thanks for this hub.I will realise what it is when I retire from a jobs soon that constantly bambard my ears with noise and complaints.

    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Thanks for popping in Greenheart - I like your name.

      Yes, when the gratitude is felt, the peace comes in, my body relaxes, the energy sort of evens out and so the tones, or frequencies, become near one and very soft.

      May your bliss grow nearer, too!

    • Greenheart profile image


      8 years ago from Cambridge

      Thanks Cathy.

      An interesting hub!

      And its interesting that gratitude is important in your 'process'.

      I had my ears(i nearly said my eras)seen to a few year ago.

      There was more of a mild buzzing,which i get every now and then.But not tinnitus.

      I wish you bliss in all your doings.

    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Tina, I also believe it's a mind thing. I haven't controlled my mind per se to cope because I'm still learning from it. I do recognize that when my mind is on something else it is 'gone'. I have lots of energy movement physically, so I use it kinda like a signal device, ha.

      Thanks for the comment and so glad to hear you've learned to tune it out! I'm pretty sure this physical phenom. will be increasing publically...

    • TINA V profile image

      TINA V 

      8 years ago

      I have also experienced that buzzing sound. I have checked several ENT's before but nobody can recommend anything to stop it. They all told me that nothing is wrong with my eardrums. So what I did is to control my mind not to think about it. It's like mind over matter. Positive energy works coupled with prayers too. It did work for me.

      This is an informative hub about Tinnitus. I hope others can read this too to help them prevent it.

      Have a great weekend!

    • profile image

      Sports Video Highlights 

      8 years ago

      im suffereing from tinnitus for the last one year, but im coping very well with T, dont just go with the horrer stories of internet.....most of the tinnitus cases are not so

    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Oregon, USA

      vrbmft, always nice to meet a fellow buzzer! There is MUCH more to my T experience than I've elaborated in this Hub. Maybe there'll be a part two!

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 

      9 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      There are no coincidences. I have the T word too!! Wow! I do believe in energy healing and I THINK about it a lot with respect to the buzz in my ear and with me too, it changes and comes and never completely goes, but it does change. But I will become more conscious of my spiritual hearing and see what takes place and THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS ON MY BLOG and then to find your blog on Tinitus (spelling), Wow! A small buzzy world!!

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks for your hub, Cathy! I call it the spiritual sound and I have it too but never related it to tinnitus. It could be calling you to channel!

    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Oregon, USA

      There are lots of sites about this condition which affects millions of people around the world. No cure and really not enough research or at least a broader investigation into it to help. Thanks for commenting awsydney

    • awsydney profile image


      9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I never thought this was actually an issue which affects other people until I read this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cathy profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Thanks for the nice comment Resolver2009. Tons out there about tinnitus, but wonder how many sufferers actually pay attention to how it is affected throughout the day.

    • Resolver2009 profile image


      9 years ago from Bournemouth, UK / Oslo, Norway

      Fascinating hub Cathy! I feel like I have learnt a lot about how it is to have/deal with tinnitus. Well done.

    • ameliehub profile image


      9 years ago from UK

      Hi Cathy , I think it would be terrible to cope up with tinnitus. In our early ages we don't pay much attention to what we are doing to our body. We just enjoy our interests and when it becomes a problem, we regret, thinking we had not done so then. is there not anything that can take you back to your music.


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