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Tip For The Day - Resisting Temptation in Weight Loss

Updated on February 11, 2015

Resisting Temptation

One of my old friends said bluntly, "I can resist anything except temptation!"

While there is certainly humor in her remark, there is also a lot of truth there.

Weight loss takes a certain amount of self-control, sometimes a lot, especially at the beginning, until you can see yourself succeeding and get that as reinforcement for your self-control.

Take a look around. Are there demons on the shelf, in the drawer, front and center in the refrigerator? Who put them there?

The store you shop at has aisles and aisles of demons, especially the sugary ones. That all night convenience store specializes in them, and at exorbitant prices, too.

If you can't control the temptations in the store, even with a safe shopping list, it's time to have someone else do your shopping for you, even if it's your alter ego.

There's time enough later on for some demons to reemerge, but, if you are serious, now is not the time.

Some addictions are best cured by going "cold turkey." The sacrifice seems great, but the withdrawal period is much shorter.

They're not hiding when you open the door!

The Cupboard
The Cupboard | Source
The Refrigerator
The Refrigerator | Source
The Pantry Closet
The Pantry Closet | Source

The Resistance

Are you game to try?

If you are, go through those shelves, drawers (yes, even that one in the nightstand and at work), dig into the refrigerator and freezer, and cast out the demons. If you had a thorn sticking into you, or a bee's stinger, you would extract it. Certainly you wouldn't go seeking more thorns and stings.

Self preservation may be the first law of nature, but self-gratification comes in a close second, and that's what you are up against until your will power becomes won't power.

There are a wide variety of reasons as to why foods are pleasurable. Acknowledge that there are, and move on.

Wrong stuff, wrong amount, wrong time varieties, need to be replaced with the right stuff, right amount, right time varieties.

In effect we choose, we buy, and we consume those things we give ourselves access to.

If at midnight the cravings are there and you don't hit the all night store or phone them in, the cravings may still be there, but the demons won't be, and you will have broken the cycle....unless you climb on one and pedal to the all night supermarket which specializes in temptations, aisle after aisle after aisle of them.

An ounce of prevention could be worth ten pounds of cure!


Copyright 2014 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      "The cravings may still be there, but the demons won't be, and you will have broken the cycle." Voted Funny and more! You pulled a powerful punch in this article sandwiching some humor between the important points.