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Tips For Picking Aerobic Clothing

Updated on December 21, 2015

Starting Your Aerobic Program Prepared With The Necessary Gear

Aerobics clothing and shoes are a necessary when people perform aerobic exercises, or more specifically, correct aerobics clothing and shoes are a "must have". You may think aerobic classes just need spirit, focus and physical dedication. However you can not do well without the proper clothing that is comfortable as well as functional.

When starting out get yourself an affordable pair of clothing and as you get experienced you will learn what you need and most importantly what you are comfortable in, some may argue that it is most important to look good. I feel you are there to work out and your clothing should be for that purpose, you can look as good as you want after the workout.

Function, Comfort, And Looking Good


For beginners new to the workout scene, it is hard to exercise if you don't feel comfortable. The constant up and down movements may put a toll on your body if your clothing and shoes are not right. The best way to choose your aerobic wear should involve you learning what is made for aerobics and decide what you like.

Not to say that online shopping is not acceptable, when you are first starting out you mat be better off seeing the clothing and even trying them on for comfort and fit. Improper sizes can cause problems for you if your routines are demanding, there is much to choose from today so the size znd fit is even more important.


Find a balance between affordable and comfortable wear for you. Because there are many manufacturers ofwprk out clothing now the prices have come down, however they can still be considerably high due to the high quality material that is designed to stretch and remove moisture from your body. Once you know the fits and sizes you need you can look online for more affordable options. I recommend trying the thrift stores because you have a good chance of finding something that is new or excellent condition and get it for pennies compared to the original price.

Good quality aerobic wear will give allow you to focus on your efforts instead of on the uncomfortable effects. Achieving a balance between comfort and cost creates a bridge for most people, I say you need to be comfortable and can find ways to do this on any budget if you are creative.

Picking Out Clothing

I feel this depends on the type of work out you are doing and what you are comfortable in, we are talking about aerobics now so I suggest something that stratches and dries quickly because you will sweat. You may like something that is tight however I prefer to have loose fitting clothing that allows me to move. This goes against most of what is designed for aerobics, I am a man and feel my body does not look as good in tight clothing as a women's does.

There are materials that are tight and stretch which are supportive and also dry quickly. For the more fashion conscious aerobic exerciser, and particularly the women, there are women's aerobic clothing that have specially been designed for wearing in the gym environment. These include sport tops and aerobic bottoms. Most of these outfits, improve your work out experience and make you look good while doing it.

Looking good may be more important to some people while others go for comfort or function, I feel you can good a good combination of all three if you look. I prefer loose fitting clothing because it does not restrict my movements, I know the stretch type materials give you a full range of motion however they are form fitting and I am not comfortable with that. I am a man though and women look better in that type of clothing.

It only makes sense that men and women would have similar and yet different needs when it came to sports clothing. We are the same in many ways except the the woman has been created more elegant and beautiful, I can understand them wanting to show that in everything they do. I like seeing it and because of that I try to look good as well.

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Running Shoes

You want to pick out a pair of comfortable running sneakers designed for where you will be running, track, street or off road in a park or wooded trails. Get the correct size and width for comfort, as a personal tip I recommend wraping your ankles if running off road to prevent sprains. Many people now prefer lower impact exercises like biking, stairs, or ski machines and a good pair of running sneakers work well for these also.

I would spend the money on a decent pair of running shoes, there is a lot of impact on your feet and ankles and a good pair of shoes can reduce that greatly. This is something that you will thank yourself for later in life when your feet do not hurt.

Different Requirements

Different types of exercise will require some different clothing while specialized exercises may need special equipment to be performed properly or safely. You never want to sacrifice safety for expense because you can injure yourself and end your training career or even you work career. Know what you need and what you are doing so you can have a long and safe workout life.

Water Aerobic Shoes

A good pair of water aerobic shoes should conform to the shape of the foot as well as provide sufficient protection for all types of water workouts, A good pair of water aerobic shoes should provide the user with buoyancy to the water and resistance during movements to tone and strengthen the muscles.

Water Aerobics

Get a comfortable bathing suit that will ensure no clothing malfunctions during exercise, a good one piece suit that has a comfortable neck opening should work well. It may leave you feeling less then sexy, i getting in the work out that is important and you can look sexy after. Make sure it is comfortable with no places that will rub and create friction burns when wet, you can try to plan for that however you may not know until you are in the water working out.

This is more of an exercise for people with injuries, I know I like to try different things from time to time. It keeps exercising interesting and your body guessing for continued progress or growth.

© 2015 Vince

Any Tips On Clothing?

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