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Tips - How to Lose your Weight

Updated on June 17, 2015

7 Tips to Lose Weight

Lose weight does not have to be a painful journey. The most important thing is to be committed to a better life because all the effort will be to help you look good and happy. There are several behaviors that you can stop before starting a diet like use the stairs instead the elevator, drink at least 2 liters of water each day and walk 2 miles each day.

You must know that cutting mass is a very personal decision. Everyone have different reasons, but you have to get a goal to accomplish, and that will be the fuel for every day that you want to cheat diet or avoid training. So be aware to pick a reason before starting all the process. We are talking about a mind and body effort to become a healthier person.

All the process to make you a thinner person will include a special diet and hard workout. You must be determined to feel better to keep going in this process.

We are going to give you seven tips to lose weight and remember important to have the willpower to fight yourself and the fatty thoughts that will attack you every time you feel anxiety. Try your best and become a person with a fitness life. You will feel great and happy.

7 Tips To Lose Weight

We invite you to adopt at least three of these behaviors, integrating them into your routine and you will be a thinner and healthier person in days.

1.Snack with control portions. Eating small portions of food several times through day will keep you fit. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner you should have snacks, but no whatever your body desires (Sugar and junk food). Try to eat fruit, vegetables, protein supplements, cheese or protein-packed snacks. If you are going to graze between meals, do it with intelligence to satisfy a craving with healthy snacks. Also, remember to eat the bite two hours before meals, so you still have some appetite.

2.Be 80 - 20 eater. You can eat controlled portions of food to reduce weight, but is also important not to deprive. You can have 80 percent of your food healthy and take 20 percent of your daily calories for yourself, so you can make it fun. You can have one snack with calories or sugar while the other four meals stay healthy. With this method, you will feel less tempted to eat junk food.

3.Don’t eat while you watch TV. When you are distracted and eating in front of the television, you will consume more food than your body needs. So, try to eat dinner with the TV off, without texting or checking your phone. Although it can be difficult, you have to try it and train your body to stay concentrated in having a quiet meal. Give at least 15 minutes of your day, to chew your food with calm.

4.Speak in positives. The deprivation language can make you a rebel without notice. Diet and workout are choices that you made; no one is forcing you to be healthier or thinner. You made some decisions and were important to express it in positive. When you feel that willpower is breaking, you can imagine a picture of yourself thinner in the beach or wearing a particular outfit. Positives talks and visual motivation will keep you on the road to accomplish your goals.

5.Sleep and rest are essential. The rest works as a cornerstone of weight management, due it affects hormones that control how you store fat and how to maintain muscles. Sleep at least 8 hours a night will help you to make the better food choice because you will feel less prone to snacks.

6.Be aware of your workout. Try to diversify your exercise routine, so you can work multiple muscles at the same time. Lifting slightly weight during Pilates is an excellent idea, for example, or do it while reading. You can also do cardiovascular exercises while you strength-train. You will be saving time and burning more calories at the same time.

7.Eat fruit every day. Fruits has not fat and a lot of nutrients and vitamins. It will fill you up if you eat it in snacks and will give you healthy fibers. Also, citrus fruit contains Vitamin C that inhibits the production of cortisol, a hormone that tells your body "Store fat." Try to eat some grapefruits or oranges with breakfast.


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