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Tips On How To Cut The Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease

Updated on March 27, 2017

Alzheimer's Disease is a sickness we can't totally ignore. Some individuals are diagnosed with this dreaded disease, but no cure has been found to ameliorate its symptoms. We can prevent as early as now the onslaught of Alzheimer's Disease. A number of experts who appeared on the Dr. Oz show explained how we can stop its early signs to prevent people from suffering.

Author Richard Isaacson revealed that there is a brand new drug called Aducanumab that can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. A brain scan showed two sets of brains. One brain showed through a baseline scan, had plaques all over. This was before the person had taken Aducanumab. Another scan showed a brain who had taken a placebo. It revealed that the plaques got worse. When the person who had taken the drug had his brain scanned, the plaques were gone after a year. It showed signs of improvement in brain activity. He can carry a conversation and rarely forgets things. Isaacson stressed that Aducanumab is a game changer in curing Alzheimer's Disease.

Max Lugavere, a filmmaker discussed the significance of Vitamin B12. According to Lugavere, Vitamin B 12 improves cognitive function. It can be found in chicken, fish, seafood, and eggs. When people take antacids, it prevents the absorption of Vitamin B12 in the body.

Heather Snyder said that women are at greater risk of getting Alzheimer's than men. In order for women to prevent the disease, Snyder suggested to take Verbal Auditory Tests. You would be given 10 words. Try to remember them by just listening to the audio. After the words have been spoken, the listener will say the words that were spoken through the audio. If you were able to remember and say most of the words, then you have low risk of Alzheimer's.

Dr. Keith Black, who is the Chair of Neurosurgeon at Cedars Sinai Medical Center said that they can detect the early signs of Alzheimer's by just looking at the eye. It's a non-invasive procedure that can look through the human retina. According to Black, this technique can identify the hallmark of Alzheimer's Disease. When they scanned the eye, an analoid plaque was found. This plaque is toxic and can kill the brain cells. They found out that the patient was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.

Another tip that we can do right at home is The Smelling Quiz. We need four ingredients. Coffee grounds, liquid soap (unscented), mouthwash, and cocoa powder. Put each of them in separate bottles. Place them six inches under the person's nose and let them smell the products. If they were able to identify the products through their smell, then they have lower risks of Alzheimer's.

This is the most significant advice that people should take heart. The Mind Diet. This is a combination of Mediterranean and Dash Diet. According to Lugavere, the food we eat contributes to the prevention of the disease. Lugavere mentioned that after following the Mind Diet, Alzheimer's Disease was slashed by 50% and the risks were reduced to 30%. Here are 10 ingredients that should be on your grocery list.

1. Dark leafy greens- You should have 1 or 2 servings a day of leafy greens. It makes the brain 11 years younger.

2. Vegetables

3. Nuts- Snack on it 5x per week. It has Vitamin E which is a fat soluble antioxidant.

4. Berries- Eat this 2x per week. An example would be blueberries which can reduce aging. This is considered "brain food". It improves your memory.

5. Beans- Have this 3x per week. It nurtures the gut.

6. Whole grains- Have whole grains for three servings a day.

7. Poultry- Take it 2x a day. It has amino acids.

8. Olive oil- It improves cognitive function.

9. Fish- You can eat fish once a week. It has omega 3 fatty acids.

10. Wine- One glass of red wine preserves brain health.

Lugavere also said to cut our intake of red meat, sweets, butter, margarine, and fried foods. These are toxic to the brain. Exercise is also important to our brain's strength. Add 20 minutes of exercise daily. Physical activities improve cognitive health.

These are simple ways to cut down the risk of having Alzheimer's Disease. If we could just be mindful of our diet and physical activities, we would be able to live longer and protect our brain health. It is vital to keep our brains young and healthy. This will make it easy for us to remember our daily routine


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