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Tips To Reduce Eye Strains When Using Computer

Updated on December 22, 2011

Your eye is precious, one of the causes for eye problem such as eye floaters are caused by using computer for a prolong period without taking any break.

Learn to take frequently break when using computer, you don't need to constantly stare to the monitor screen . In addition, if you office have windows try to look at the out side view. This will help reduce your eye strain.

Other things that your could are by setting up your computer screen text and fonts bigger.

a) Make your web browser text and page content bigger.

You don't have to squint your eyes to 10 pixel text, make it bigger . For Google Chrome, to make the page content do this >>

  • Click Spanar icon, located at the top right of the browser.
  • Click Option
  • Click Under The Hood
  • Go to the Web Content section, make Font Size larger and also the Page Zoom higher.

For Internet Explorer 8, the steps are as follows :

  • Click View
  • Set the Zoom and Text Size Bigger

b) In addition, you could as well make your Window icons and texts to be bigger. This is for Window Xp

The steps are as follows :

  • Go to your desktop. Right click your mouse.
  • Click Properties
  • Click Appearance Tab.
  • Set Font Size as Large Font or Extra Large Font

Now, it is better for your eyes.

c) For other computer programs, check whether they have functions to make the text and icons bigger.

For Adobe Dreamweaver, you could make the computer code to look bigger. The steps are as follows.

  • Open Dreamweaver.
  • Click Edit
  • Click Preference.
  • Click Font, for the proportional font, fixed font and code view, select bigger font size.

By just setting up your computer programs properly, you will be reduce your eye strains. For other tips, please refer to the following useful articles.


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