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Tips about selecting an Assisted Living Facility

Updated on August 10, 2009

Doctor Appointments

Be sure to ask about how this feature is performed.....I was told every tuesday and thursday they had doctor appointments on the schedule. So i set my mom's first appointment on her own with the doctor and called the facility and told them about the time and the doctor's address. They said fine it would all be taken care of.

However on the day of the appointment mom was not happy going it I told her I would meet her at the doctor's office. Well an hour later she wasn't there yet .I called the facility and questioned them about this..the answer was "well we called the cab company and they got the time wrong"

Needless to say my Mom was a bit upset and frightned and worn out by the time she did get there..and I was fuming..Moral of this story is find out how they get their residents to and from different functions.


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