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Tips for Buying and Using Reusable Cloth Pads

Updated on September 3, 2014

Before You Buy

Types of Pads

The pads are defined the same way disposable pads are. Each place you go to buy the pad will have a variation for words but they are understandable and in the description it tells you how light or heavy the pad is.


If Cost Matters: If you are on a budget only buy the amount of pads you can afford. That way you can slowly switch over to using cloth pads completely instead of spending all of your money at once.

If Cost DOES NOT Matter: You should buy the amount and type of pads you use on your heaviest day times two. Then add on from there different pads.

It's More Than Just the Pad

Along with the pads you need other items as well. Here is a list below of things you will need.

  • Clean Storage - A place to put the clean pads you have while not on your period. It has to be dry and the pads should be able to lay flat.
  • A Wet bag - for traveling, when you change your pad in a public restroom this is a great bag to store it.
  • A bucket or some sort of variation - For soiled pads that you need to wash.
  • Stain remover - for the blood stains you will need to treat before washing.
  • Drying Line/Rack - A place to dry your pads in case you don't have a dryer at home or don't live near a laundromat. Also, some people have said the sunlight gets rid of stains very easily so it's something to think about as a possibility.

Where to Buy Cloth Pads

Here are different possibilities for you to choose from when buying cloth pads.

Etsy: This is one of the best places because there is a variety of stores where you can choose from. Below I will list stores I have bought from myself and have liked their products. If you have a favorite etsy store you like to buy from then you can post it in the comments below as well.

  • pinklemonadeshop
  • cottonclothpads

Places I have not bought from but want to:

  • cozyfolk
  • yurtcraft

Ebay: They do not have as big of an option when it comes to cloth pads but there are some. Here is one store I bought from that I loved and use their pads every time I'm on my period.

  • punkyspads1

Gladrags: This is different then the previous two because it is an actual company selling them. That also means their pads are slightly more expensive. Click Here to visit the site.

Here are some other sites like gladrags:

YouTube is Your BFF


If you are unsure about a certain brand or store on etsy there is usual a review of their pads on youtube. All you need to do is search.

I also recommend that after buying the product sending in a review about your experience is very important. It lets the person know selling this product know if they need to change some things.


Some women post their collections of pads that they own. It is a great way to find even more brands and places that sell cloth pads.

Cleaning Cloth Pads

Changing Your Pads in Public

At School

  1. Make sure to wear a fresh pad to school for the start of the day.
  2. Change it during lunch if possible, so you don't have to leave the classroom. And then again at the end of the day.
  3. Store your dry pads in your locker or in your purse/backpack.
  4. Have a wetbag in your locker or in the same bag as the dry pads.
  5. Carry a small stain remover stick if possible.
  6. If you are in a private bathroom with a sink it helps to run cold water over the pad and ring it out until the water from the pad runs clear before using the stain removal stick.
  7. Use the stain remover stick right after you switch pads or rinse your pad and store your soiled pad in the wetbag.
  8. After getting home you can then follow your typical treatments for removing stains and cleaning the pads.

Public Restroom

  1. Have a period purse or bag that you can keep at work or a smaller one for hanging out with friends.
  2. In that bag have a wet bag for your dirty pads and a pocket or dry bag for your clean pads.
  3. Keep a stain removal stick in that same bag or purse.
  4. Having all this on you just use the bathroom and right after switching pads use the stain removal stick on the used pad.
  5. If you are in a private bathroom with a sink it helps to run cold water over the pad and ring it out until the water from the pad runs clear before using the stain removal stick.

Where do you buy cloth pads?

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