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Tips for Next Time You’re Sick With the Common Cold or Flu

Updated on March 26, 2018

Career Woman Sick and Tired

Sick Career Woman at Work
Sick Career Woman at Work | Source

Health Advice Dealing with Sick Days

Getting the common cold or flu can really put a crimp in our day.  While some symptoms are manageable, and the level of the severity of the cold, minor in degree causing us to simply not be on our game; others can lay a person out flat for days. 

It is important to be prepared, to always have a supply on hand, of items needed for those sick days.  The point is you don't want to have to run to the store to buy these things when you are sick.  Stock up for over the counter remedies you use, such as acetaminophen, nausea syrup, thermometer, Epsom salts, cold and flu medication, sinus medication, anti diarrhea, heating pad and anything else you can think of.  

Try to make up a batch of homemade chicken soup and have some frozen for those times the cold and flu strikes.  Saltine crackers, ginger ale and any other foods for queasy stomachs is also good to have stored up in a pantry. 

Buy or sew a rice bag sachet.  Take a silky or other soft touch fabric and fill it with rice, and perhaps a some lavender flower heads as well.  On sick days, heat it in the microwave a few seconds.  Place the warm bag on any sore muscles, joints, or your neck.  The lavender scent is soothing, relaxing and known to have healing properties..  You can also drop a few drops of lavender essential oil on the fabric itself it you'd like.

Essential Oils 

Essential oils can be powerful to combat cold and flu symptoms, try eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint.  On sick days, soak in a bathtub with a few drops of essential oil to bring relief and help clear up sinus congestion.  Try simmering a few drops of the oils in a simmer pot or shallow saucepan (on low heat), or add a few couple drops to a light bulb ring.  Tie some fresh eucalyptus sprigs to a shower head for a nice touch to a hot shower. 

Try soaking your feet in a warm foot bath with Epsom salts and a drop or two of essential oil.  See if a friend or family member would rub your feet.  Get one of those cold/ice pack masks.  They can be soothing around your eyes and sinus area. 

Get a humidifier, either cold or warm moist area, depending on what feels best to you.  It will help loosen coughs and congestion. 

Have a supply on hand of good books or movies you wanted to get around to someday, nothing too heavy.   Go for light hearted topics where you really don't need to concentrate much, and have a feel good theme to them.  When our emotions feel good, it lifts everything about us.  Don’t overlook comedy, as there have been studies done about the healing power of laughter, plus the important boost of endorphins laughter gives. 

Be sure to watch out for dehydration, especially if there’s diarrhea and / or vomiting.  Don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment quickly, especially if it’s severe, as it could be something other than the common flu. 

Get plenty of rest, fluids and vitamins.  Turn your phones off if at all possible.  Take the time needed to recover.  Many times it feels like there's no time, but when we're run sick with the common cold or flu, pushing harder just delays the healing process.


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    • DidYouKnow profile image


      8 years ago from NC

      Never underestimate the power of drinking PLENTY of water as well! Great hub!


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