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Tips for Self Love

Updated on April 27, 2014

Tips on Self Love

Sometimes we search the world for love not knowing that until we love who we are we cannot begin to attract it in another. Here are a few Tips on Self Love.

Tip 1. Take Good Care of Your Self.Self care- taking care of the outer self can lead to inner deeper care. To pay attention to every part of your body shows appreciation for it. It is a good place to start. Do it in a pure state of meditation which places all your attention on the task at hand. If you are polishing your toenails cease thinking about say an argument you had with your man. Focus on what you are doing.

Tip 2.Get a Check Up.Find out the physical state of your body by getting a check up. You need to know where you stand health wise. This can be scary do not let fear stop you. Take along a friend you can trust for moral support. If you are a natural healer learn as much about the process as possible.At some point verify your skill level by getting a check up by a physician to make sure your practices are successful and you are healthy.

Tip 3.Eat right and Exercise.Care about what you put in your body and become active these are two keys to a longer, fuller life. A good way to build a relationship with your body is to touch it and speak to it. In this way you tell it you will take care of it.Your body hears it and acknowledges your words and so does the universe. You set this law in motion.Eating right is great if you can do it. If your have grown enough to be fully health conscious then great. If you struggle like the majority of us take baby steps.Try eating one apple and take a walk. A little goes a long way.

Tip 4.Take Inventory of Your Life. Look at your life and decide what stays and what goes and be honest about it.Tell your self the truth about every aspect of your life. This is where a serious level of work comes in.To tell your self the truth can be hard.It requires you to accept what was done and to forgive your self or someone else. To really meditate on the truth and acknowledge it leaves us vulnerable.

People confuse vulnerability with being weak. Vulnerability is a state that says in that situation my deepest feeling are exposed and at the time I was helpless to change the outcome. Such is life we may not always be at one hundred. We may have taken the time to love and trust and gotten hurt. It is a learning experience and there is great strength in this state. Our lives consist of career,relationships,family,and social life. We must take a look at all of it and decide what goes and what stays.

Obstacles to Self Love

As with any path you may choose there will be a few obstacles to your will. I have listed these obstacles because I understand the power of awareness. The old saying "knowing is half the battle" has some validity to it.

People pleasing- the need to please is the number one cause of self hatred and self neglect. There is this insane notion that one must please others to be loved by friends,mates, and family members. The tape goes something like this . If I do what he, she, or they wants they will love me .You are so far from the truth. You become a doormat. You are viewed as weak willed.In the end you hate your self.

If you chose to flip it and figure out what you want. Give your self the things you truly desire. You show love for your self and in return people will respect you .You place yourself in a position to be loved. If that's what you want.You owe it to yourself. Become number one on your list. Some may say this sounds selfish it is. Think for a minute if you felt it was selfish then you fear being viewed as having a characteristic that people may not like. This is the disease of people pleasing.You can put yourself first and select how much you will give to other's based on your true feelings about what they are asking you. In that way you value your time and allow others to do so. This is the beginning of self worth.

Peer pressure- usually it is present in your teenage years this deals with your need to belong.Most people will be surprise to know that peer pressure still exist in adulthood as well. Peer pressure in adults show up at job socials, on the job, and family. Perhaps you are not a social drinker but everyone at work is so you may go drinking just to be in the loop.Your mom and sister may like to go garage shopping. You could take it or leave it but because they are doing it you go along with it. Again being authentic about your interests, likes, and dislikes eliminates peer pressure.It takes courage to be a bohemian in a family filled with elitist. The opposite of negative is positive. To march to the beat of your own drum is to free your soul, the very essence of self love.

Grudge holding- it is one of the most insidious forms of self hatred and spiritual and mental pollution. It is a slow death to most people. What ever was done to you when you were a kid learn to let it go. If you hold it ,it is negative energy. It has the potential to destroy your physical body and radiate into the universe polluting it with more dense energy. So when someone says forgive that person for your own benefit this is why. It will cause physical pain in the body.It will pollute the universe. If you are anything like me you want to why you should forgive,let go of grudges. Now that you are aware of the impact on your body you will make better choices for yourself. These are my tips for self love and the obstacles that can bar you from self love if not recognized and eliminated. Peace

Self Love

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