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Tips for Success on the Belly Fat Cure Diet

Updated on August 23, 2011
Photo courtesy of Tomasz Sienicki, via wikimedia
Photo courtesy of Tomasz Sienicki, via wikimedia

How to be successful on a low-carb diet

Feeling overwhelmed with the Belly Fat Cure diet or another low-carb diet? You are certainly not alone. Being frustrated, confused or simply tired of worrying about what to eat can all lead to giving up any new way of eating. While it may not always be easy, there are a few tricks I have learned to get over a rough patch and back on track.

1) Work with a buddy. Accountability keeps us all on the straight and narrow sometimes. Or perhaps a little healthy competition will motivate you. Whatever it is for you, finding someone else to make your weight loss journey a social experience can help immensely. If nothing else, you will have someone who understands your challenges and can support you while you're having a hard time. Then you can return the favor!

2) Experiment with food. You don't have to be a culinary genius to have fun with food. Even changing up your schedule can help lift you out of a rut. Tired of eggs for breakfast? Try other breakfast meats like turkey bacon or veggie sausage. Even if you don't end up liking it, you have added a little fun to your day and what's not to like about that?

3) Consider snacking. Do you feel like you are going to collapse from hunger before you make it to dinner? Make sure you are keeping your blood sugar even throughout the day by choosing healthy snacks. If you know you get an afternoon slump, save part of your lunch to eat at that time to help keep you even-keeled. Remember: nuts can be a very satisfying snack!

4) Do your research. Does your diet seem impossible? Maybe you are missing a key ingredient that could make things easier. For example, after dealing with a long plateau, I finally read some blogs of people on the same diet. Turned out, they had the same problem when they didn't get their fiber or drink enough water. Ding! That was my problem, too. There are so many sources of information available online. Even the act of looking for information can help you feel more in control and confident in your plan.

5) Read the labels. You'd be surprised what you can eat on the Belly Fat Cure. Cheezits? Yep! Potato Skins? Oh, yeah! Hamburgers? Sure thing! The only thing you might have to get used to is measuring or limiting your portions. Instead of half a bag of chips, you'll need to count out the right number. Careful with the bun on that burger, too. Try eating it with a knife and fork so you can avoid having too much of the bun. Once you get used to eating with the right portions, it comes as second nature. Don't worry about whether you're "allowed" to have something so much as making sure you don't eat too much of it. (This may be easier to do after some time on the diet.)

6) Plan ahead. The absolute worst part of my day is coming home and trying to decide what's for dinner. Staring at the fridge, exhausted, all I want to do is pick up a phone and order in. But when I plan ahead what I am going to do for dinner, I can just switch into autopilot and keep moving until dinner's ready. Or even better-- have food already cooked that can just be heated up! Get to know yourself and your "trouble times". Do you tend to slip up when you go out with friends? Plan ahead, and find the restaurant's nutritional information online so you know what you can have. If you know what you plan on doing, you don't have to face the (possible) internal battle of what you want to eat versus what you should eat.

7) Don't worry so much! If you have to drive yourself crazy to fit into a particular way of eating, it may not be the right way for you. Eating a healthy diet should make you feel healthy. If, after a couple weeks of following a program it is not making you feel good, consider making changes. I figure that even if I mess up every once in a while, I'm eating so much better than I was that those slip ups won't make or break me. If I push my goal further by a week, so be it. I'm in this for the long haul. I'm not looking for a quick solution, but a lasting one.

Being patient with yourself and your progress will help you stay enthused and motivated throughout your journey. Be open to others' input, but remember this is about you. Listen to what your body tells you and try to have fun!


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    • amurbach profile image

      amurbach 6 years ago from Arizona

      Great and useful information for anyone thinking about doing The Belly Fat Cure diet or just even if you are trying to eat better! Your suggestions make sense and I can see how it would be helpful for me, especially, to work in more healthy snacking at work so that I don't attack the vending machine in the afternoon.