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Tips for a Healthy Weight Loss

Updated on January 29, 2016

Losing weight is what almost everyone is seeking for as every single person wants to stay smart and fit nowadays. People start using drugs and supplements for this purpose which may prove to be useful in the beginning but with the passage of time, the harms caused by those drugs make you regret the day you decided to take them. Losing weight is not that difficult a task but it needs to be done in a healthy and an appropriate way. You need to follow a proper schedule and routine in order to start losing weight efficiently. If you want to know how to get smart in quite a short period of time, read the below mentioned methods and tips and start following them without wasting more of your time.

Set Your Target

The first thing which you need to do is make a plan for your weight loss experience and set your target. Grab a calendar and a diary and write down how much weight you want to lose and in how many days or weeks do you plan to achieve your goal? Make sure that your plans and goals are realistic and possible to be achieved otherwise, regardless of all your efforts and good outcomes, you’ll not get satisfied and you’ll get demotivated which may cause you to stop focusing on your weight loss plans which will result in weight gain.

Consult a Doctor

Visit a doctor and share your plans with him. Ask him for help, tips and advices and try following them if possible. Also make sure that the plan you’re about to follow is acceptable by your body. Share not only your diet plans but also your workout plans with your doctor so that he might see the image clearly and tell you what is best for your health. If you have any health problem like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems or any other such disease, you must not ignore this step and talk to your doctor about your weight loss plan.

Do Your Homework

Before starting your efforts to accomplish your target and changing your daily routine, open your device and start browsing the internet for healthy foods having fewer calories. Fix the number of calories which you’ll consume daily but keep this in mind that the number of calories must not be too less. Don’t fix a number without proper research and once you set a suitable number, don’t ignore it and keep to it.

Buy Proper Equipment for Exercising

The equipment which you buy for working out regularly must be durable and made using superior quality material. Make sure that you buy all that you need for working out in a proper manner. Don’t decide what to buy before searching internet, consulting professional or a trainer and comparing different gym gear. Don’t buy cheap equipment in order to save money and prefer branded items instead of unbranded ones.

Buy a Cereal for Breakfast

Research says that eating cereal for breakfast can improve your weight loss progress in a good way. Buy a cereal which is rich in fiber. Use skimmed milk instead of whole milk because the former contains lower fat and higher calcium content than the latter one. Cereals not only help you in weight loss but also save you time for starting your day early as it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to eat a cereal for breakfast.

Proper Diet

Make a Diet Plan

Take a diary and write down your daily meal plan on it. Decide how much calories you can consume on daily basis but make sure that you do enough research before fixing an amount. Eat a variety of nutritious foods and drink healthy juices too. Keep this in mind that the plan you’re gonna make for yourself has to be followed without excuses and make a plan which you know that you can follow regularly. Once you’re done making your diet plan, keep to it. See in the video that how you can make a diet plan for yourself, like the guy did for himself.

Avoid Temptations

Stay away from the inviting and tempting foods such as ice-cream, cookies, bacon, cakes and pastries, etc. These foods are high in sugar and fats and prevent you from staying fit and healthy. Some of these foods may be good for those who want to ‘gain’ weight but for those who want to ‘lose’ weight, they’re quite harmful. Try eating some useful food, which fulfil your craving, instead such as apples, nuts, dark chocolate, etc.

Drink Plenty Water

Water is essential and necessary for a good health and should be consumed in a sufficient amount daily. It has many health benefits and is quite efficient at improving your weight loss progress. Drink water before each meal and try replacing sweet drinks with water. You can also drink green tea for weight loss purpose. Drinking water before meals aids in weight loss and prevents you from eating too much. Moreover, water also improves your body metabolism.

Eat Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a balanced and a good diet. Fruits not only provide you the much required body nutrients but also fulfil your sweet desire as they contain natural sugars which do not affect your health negatively and improve your fitness level in a good way. Vegetables, especially green ones, have loads of benefits which no one can deny. Almost all the vitamins which your body needs are provided to you by fruits as well as vegetables. So the next time you visit the market, buy fresh fruits and vegetables and start eating them daily.

Eat Whole Grains

Whole grains like whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc. are very beneficial for your health. These grains come with lot of fiber which is good for your body metabolism and digestion. Whole grains also lower your cholesterol level and improve your cardiovascular heath effectively. Moreover, they make you feel full which is why you don’t eat too much. This can be very good for your weight loss program.

Chew Properly

Chewing properly is an important part of diet but this part is denied and ignored by many people which causes some health problems. Good digestion is necessary for good health and proper chewing improves your digestion. So make sure that while eating food, you chew slowly and properly as digestion of the food you eat starts right from your mouth.

Prefer Lean Proteins over Fatty Ones

Lean proteins are much more beneficial and healthy than for those who are trying to lose weight quickly. So try eating the beef or meat with lean cuts or otherwise, remove the skin. Moreover, use low-fat dairy products so that your muscles keep working properly.

Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is loved by almost everyone but if you want to lose weight, you must stop eating fast food such as pizza, burger, etc. otherwise you’ll start gaining weight instead of losing it. Moreover, fast food contains high content of fats which are not good for your health.

Eat Homemade Food

Homemade food is the best option if you don’t want to consume the food which can spoil your diet plan. Another reason for not going out to eat is that when you go out for having a meal, you can’t control your mind and stomach and you can’t resist the sweet smell of different delicious foods which are the killers of your weight loss plan. So buy all that you need for cooking different healthy foods and start cooking meals at home.

Avoid Carbonated and Sweet Drinks

Try to replace your sweet drinks, flavoured coffees and sodas with water, green tea or black coffee. Do not drink alcohol and use water as a substitute. Moreover, in the worst situation when you can’t control your temptation for other drinks, have a diet drink available easily in the markets.


Set a Regular Workout Routine

Working out can also be beneficial for losing weight and getting fit. If you work out on a regular basis, your muscles will get stronger and you’ll burn calories quickly, depending on the intensity of your workout sessions. So take your diary out and make a workout routine which you can follow regularly without getting too exhausted. Once you get done with writing down your plans for exercising, start following it immediately. Below are some of suggestions for your workout exercises, while there is a video for weight loss beginners.

Visit a Gym

Visiting a gym can help you work out in a better way on regular basis. You can use all the good machines daily which can be very advantageous for your health. So go to a good gym which contains all the necessary equipment for your workout session and register your name to start exercising daily. There are many workouts which are beneficial for weight loss. You can ask your trainer or search internet for learning more about them. Using treadmill is also a good option for losing weight as well as strengthening legs.

Consult a Trainer or Professional

Pay a visit to some professional weightlifter or an expert trainer and ask him to help you out in your weight loss program. Also ask him what exercises you should perform to lose weight quickly. Moreover, when you fix all the workouts which you’ll perform regularly, get help from the trainer or professional in fixing the number of sets and repetitions of the exercises.

Start Working Out at Home as well

Buy some must-have equipment for working out at home and start using them often. If you’re not visiting a gym then make sure that you work out at home regularly without taking breaks. The equipment such as skipping ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells, etc. should be present at your home so that you can use them daily. This will definitely help you lose weight in no time.

Increase Your Efforts

Once you spend at least three to four weeks on your regular workouts, start increasing the intensity of your exercises. Start lifting more weight than you do regularly and increase the number of repetitions as well. It will not only improve your fitness but will also help you burn extra calories per day.


Cycling is an exercise which strengthens not only your legs but also your arms to some extent. Moreover, it is quite useful and helpful for weight loss. All you need to do is buy a good quality, durable bicycle and hit the tracks with it. If you do not know how to cycle, buy the cycling machine or find a gym which has it and use it regularly for getting benefited by the various advantages of cycling.

Walking, Jogging and Running

Walking, running and jogging is also good for those who want to get slim and smart. These three exercises are very beneficial for your cardiovascular health and your body fitness. So once you get up in early the morning, visit the park and walk and jog for almost 30 minutes. This will improve your body fitness and strength very efficiently.

Other Beneficial Workouts

Apart from the workouts mentioned above, swimming, yoga, mixed martial arts, etc. are the exercises which you should perform regularly. You can also search the internet or consult a trainer to learn more about beneficial workouts for weight loss. Just keep this in mind that you don’t have to overburden your body and muscles for exercising and working out.


Keep Record of Your Progress

Make sure keep track of your daily or weekly performance and note it down on a diary. It will help you evaluate and analyse your progress and performance and check whether your efforts are worth it or not. It can also help you rectify the flaws in your workout methods.

Do Not Skip Meals

Skipping meals and thinking that it will be helpful for weight loss is a totally wrong thing to do. It must be kept in mind that your body needs some specific nutrients and skipping meals means skipping those nutrients. The result of skipping meals is that your body doesn’t work properly which affects your health. So make sure that you eat properly and eat on time so that your body gets the much needed nutrients at the right time.

Don’t Waste Too Much Money

Spending money to buy expensive equipment and supplements is a waste of money because there is no shortcut to a healthy weight loss; you have to do what it takes to get fit and smart. So instead of wasting your money on different equipment or supplements and drugs, buy healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy Breaking the Rules Sometimes

Once you start following your daily workout routine regularly, enjoy crossing the line every once in a while. Make yourself a delicious drink using different recipes available on internet and enjoy other tempting desserts and meals once in a month or two so that you don’t get frustrated or decide to stop working on your plans for weight loss.

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is must for a good body and health. Most of the growth of your body takes place at night so you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day to keep your muscles strong and your body fit. Furthermore, when you get frustrated during the day time, try taking a short nap.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Drugs and alcohol consume your body and make you sick and unhealthy. So try to avoid them as much as you can. They not only affect your body but also your mind. To stay focused on your workout routine, stay away from them and try using a substitute instead such as, water instead of alcohol.

Never Give Up

Stay motivated even if you don’t get the expected results soon after you start working for it. The positive outcomes may appear after some time but they definitely will appear and you’ll start losing weight in a healthy way for sure. So you need to stick to your plans and stay motivated.


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