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Curvy body secrets

Updated on September 17, 2013
curvy body
curvy body

What is a curvy body?

A curvy body is just that "curvy" which happens when you have full boobs and butts while maintaining a slim waist resulting in a curvy body shape.

So according to this definition , overall heavy girls who are full from top to bottom with a more boxy figure do not qualify for our definition of "curvy body"

curvy body challenge
curvy body challenge

The challenge of having a curvy body

Perhaps trying to gain weight and have that curvy body for a skinny woman is more challenging and frustrating than losing weight for an overweight woman.

What complicates things is that you cannot easily find tips to help you gain healthy weight and curvy body shape.

Below I will discuss some healthy tips to gain healthy weight

Check with your doctor

Before heading to that curvy body type ,start by paying your doctor a visit ,to clear possible medical conditions of the way before proceeding into natural ways to add weight .

There are many medical conditions that could prevent you from putting weight on ,such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes and gut issues :

Hyperthyroidism is when your thyroid glands become hyperactive and secrete more thyroxin than your body needs . Thyroxin speeds up your metabolism which results in faster energy consumption , so you will lose weight in spite of your increased appetite . Other well known symptoms of hyperthyroidism are increased sweating , fast heart beats, anxiety and irregular menses

Another common cause for not being able to gain weight is diabetes . Here also you will be eating a lot and still lose weight , because insulin , the main hormone regulating your body's use of energy is low , so in effect your cells are hungry fro energy while your blood is soaking in glucose

And then we have some gut issues like malabsorption , ie those medical conditions that impair your gut's ability to absorb nutrients among them are irritable bowel , ulcerative colitis , celiac disease and crohn disease

Or may be your problem is as simple as having some gut parasites eating up your nutrients

Once you know you are free from medical conditions that could prevent you from gaining healthy weight it is time to go on

Curvy Body Diet

to get that hourglass curvy body you should start with your diet

healthy foods for a curvy body
healthy foods for a curvy body

Eat more healthy calories

The emphasis here is on both more and healthy , it may be easy to eat more non healthy foods which is not what you want to do if your goal is to gain healthy weight .you need to be eating healthy calorie dense foods, those having high calorie per weight

Healthy sources for high calorie foods:

Beans ,legumes, starchy foods as potatoes yams and sweet potatoes, some fruits as grapes , figs and dates

Nuts are great ,they supply healthy fats vitamins and minerals and can act as a great healthy snack . And of course there is full cream milk.

eat more frequently
eat more frequently

Eat more frequently

You probably cannot eat a big meal at one sitting

To overcome this you need to eat more frequent smaller meals that you can tolerate and assimilate

Eat around the clock . Time your meals and snacks to be three hours apart.

Never skip breakfast

Break the fast before it breaks your weight gain efforts

After seven to eight hours of fasting during sleep your body starts to shift to catabolic mode , it will start breaking down tissues for energy starting with stored glycogen then fats and muscles . You can prevent this from happening by having your first meal as early as possible.

don't sleep on an empty stomach
don't sleep on an empty stomach

Don’t sleep on an empty stomach

If you are really determined to get that curvy body type ,try to have something light before going to bed to avoid running too low on energy while you are sleeping.

once your blood sugar drops , your body will start breaking down your stored glycogen and muscles for energy,the absolute contrary to what you aim at.

For a curvy body supplement your diet with protein rich shakes

Shakes and weight gainers can help you get a curvy body

Those can be a handy choice to help you get more calories easily

Just don’t replace your regular meals with shakes, they should be a plus to what you are already eating

home made weight gain shake
home made weight gain shake

Home made weight gain shake

Here is a simple weight gain home made shake that you can prepare your slef

  • A glass of full cream Milk
  • 2 table spoons of full cream Powder milk
  • 1 large Banana
  • 2 small spoons of flaxseed oil
  • 2 small spoons of Honey

Blend and drink twice a day in between meals

Work outs for a curvy body

This may not be what you expected, you need to add weight so you think the best way is to eat , rest and sleep. But I assume you need to add the healthy curvy weight not the flappy version ,his is why you should add working out to your weight gain arsenal.

And the type of workout that will help you put on weight is different from the mainstream cardio , Pilates ,step dancing and other exercises for burning fat.

To gain that curvy body you will need to focus on resistance weight training exercises , you will be using some moderate to heavy weights and following a routine similar to that of bodybuilders.

Before you shout" I don’t need Arnold Schwarzenegger's body ",there is no need to worry

You cannot build man like muscles, it is a matter of hormones , all the female bodybuilders out there are soaked in testosterone and other anabolic hormones. So as long as you are not taking any muscle building hormones there is no need to worry about getting too muscular .

Ok now what are the best exercises to add on weight ?

Since your goal is to build all around fuller body you will be doing a mix of exercises for the whole body

dumbbell squat are great for a curvy body
dumbbell squat are great for a curvy body


Squats are a total body workout . They build legs ,glutes, back, core and overall health and stamina.

  • hold medium weight dumbbells
  • squat down keeping your back curved in , stick your butt out eye facing forward
  • avoid leaning forward
  • Push your feet to the floor to get back up

dumbbell lunges
dumbbell lunges


Great for lower body, legs, hamstrings and glutes

  • hold medium weight dumbbells
  • lunge one leg at a time keeping your back straight

Romanian deadlift
Romanian deadlift

Romanian dead-lift

Excellent for your hamstrings ,glutes and lower back

  • Keep your back straight
  • Slowly bend forward from the hip
  • Keep your knees flexible ,do not stiffen them

dumbbell rows
dumbbell rows

Dumbbell rows

Build the biggest muscle in your upper body, the back muscles ,which will give your upper body a great v shape

  • lean forward at the waist and hold to a chair
  • hold a dumbbell in one hand
  • pull it towards your waist then slowly lower it back to the floor

dumbbell chest press
dumbbell chest press

Dumbbell chest press

This is great for your chest muscles which will support your breasts and give them a sexier look

  • Lie flat on your back on a cushion
  • Hold 2 medium weight dumbbells
  • slowly lower the dumbbells to the floor , then press them back up

How much and how frequent should you work out?

  • Use moderate to heavy weights that you can do 10 - 12 repetitions with
  • Do 3-4 sets of each exercise
  • Do this workout three days a week on alternate days

Grab Denise Austin's Best Bun & Leg shapers workout at a special discount

For more leg exercises and motivation

I recommend Denise Austin's Best Bun & Leg shapers workout

A word about post workout meal

For maximum gains you need a post workout meal rich in simple carbohydrates and protein

A protein shake can be an easy and practical solution

have a good night sleep
have a good night sleep


Growth hormone is released during deep asleep while Cortisol is released when we are deprived from sleep . The former builds while the latter breaks down your muscles

Try to get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep

Stress management

Stress will increase cortisol and muscle break down which can greatly hinder your weight gain efforts

one step at a time
one step at a time

Take it one step at a time

Gaining healthy weight is a slow long journey

Follow these advices , take it one step at a time

And most importantly, enjoy it while you do it

dress for a curvy look
dress for a curvy look

How to dress to look more curvy

To wrap up that curvy look let's add some fashion illusion:

  • Wear well fitting clothes as this will accentuate your body curves,but avoid too tight clothes since they can show how slim you are .
  • Draw attention to your waist by wearing broad belts , this will emphasize the curve from your waist to your hips.
  • Avoid revealing clothes to prevent showing your bones.
  • Pleats and high waist can enhance your curves.

Which part of the curvy body plan interested you most?

Which part was more interesting to you?

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    • nasser deep profile imageAUTHOR

      nasser deep 

      2 years ago

      Sure , swimming can shape your body. But for best results you need to add some resistance excercises like the ones mentioned above

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Ive started swimming, will this help me gain a curvier figure?


    • Hezekiah profile image


      5 years ago from Japan

      I thinking weight training in the gym is very important for a meatier curvy figure. This will put curves in the correct place, and any fat will also follow these curves for a natural look.

    • marion langley profile image

      marion langley 

      5 years ago from The Study

      I had the hardest time putting weight back on after becoming a mom, but slow and steady with sleep and regular meals I'm finding I have a butt again. As for the boobs....sigh....I'll try the dumbells. Thanks for writing and the pictures were great!

    • FullOfLoveSites profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      Nice job! Yes it's true that trying to gain weight is much harder than losing weight. It's frustrating me, no matter how much I eat - I'm sort of flat-chested and "flat-butted". I don't know though that exercise is also needed to have a curvy body. I think the squat exercise is also good to have a shapely butt.

      Thanks for your tips! I realized that it's just not eating, it's also eating the right amount and at the right time, even in a bid to gain weight. Up and useful.

    • SuperiorInteriors profile image


      5 years ago from San Diego, California

      Hey Nasser excellent job! This blog really addresses many aspects of how to get a curvy body. An individuals figure can be a quick indicator but people should be sure to keep track of their weight. Take a look at my article to become aware of some of the ways that many weight scales can actually prove to be misleading.


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