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Tips for growing old and maintaining your beauty

Updated on September 7, 2009

Have you ever seen a woman whose beauty seems timeless? Often, we are shocked when people as such announce that they are well over the age of forty years old. How do they do it? Did they have some work done? Many times the answers lie in proper nutrition, remaining positive, and embracing age as opposed to allowing themselves to feel as if life is over. Even if you have never been considered beauty, with the proper care, you can evolve into a state of elegance.


First and foremost, relax and embrace the things to come. Look at your aging as a state of growing in wisdom and become a shining example of elegance. Try not to stress over everything and learn to alleviate the stress by relaxing and putting things into perspective. A hot tempered woman is often seen as cute when she is young. Unfortunately, once you pass a certain age, losing your cool gets you labeled as cantankerous or a witch. Seek out methods of meditation, relaxation and spirituality for the benefit of learning to be calm and embracing life.


One of the chief components behind poor complexions, energy levels, and dry skin is failing to maintain adequate hydration. The body is composed of between 60 and 70 percent water. It is essential for transporting nutrients, regulating temperature, for the proper function of joints, and removing waste. Inadequate hydration can cause problems such as blotchy complexions, kidney stones, joint pain and cause one to feel lethargic. The Institute of medicine recommends the daily intake of water for an average adult should be 2.5 liters. Yet there are those of us, who often consume caffeine enriched sodas and coffee which serve as diuretics. Just merely drinking water is enough to keep not only our skin supple and evenly toned but it is essential for the proper cell, and major organ function.

Maintaining an appropriate weight

Although there are some who endorse the fat acceptance movement pushed forward by actresses Monique and Kirstie Alley, being overweight is not only the most visible sign of aging but also dangerous. With every ten pound increase in weight, there is a ten mmHg increase in the blood pressure. People who are overweight suffer disproportionately with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and reduced lifespans. There is nothing beautiful about being 'thick' as it is in actuality a person who is fat, although not obese. Being severely underweight can also be somewhat aging as it can make a person look gaunt but there are far less illnesses associated with being below weight than for being "thick."


Has anyone seen Madonna lately? The fifty year old megastar is in better shape than most teenagers nowadays. How does she doe it. Daily exercise consisting of cardio, calisthenics and weight training. You don't have to go as far as Madonna, looking as if ready for a pose down but keeping fit is synonymous with looking good. You don't have to have a lot of money to stay in shape, and personal trainers are virtually cheerleaders. You can maintain adequate muscle tone with even a simple routine consisting of push ups, sit ups, running or a brisk walk. It will keep your muscles looking toned, prevent back injuries and keep you flexible.

Proper Nutrition

It should go without saying. Eat right! Maintain a healthy for the benefit of getting the proper vitamins for your body to run on. You don't have to become a Vegan but try to eat foods enriched with Iron, vitamin A, E, C, and Calcium. If you have neglected your intake of fruits, vegetables and protein rich foods, start increasing them today. If you have always been somewhat of a picky eater, than make sure that you take a daily multivitamin.

Don't be afraid of a little help

When I lived in the south, I would hear a lot of southern women say, "there is nothing wrong with putting a little paint on the barn." If you find that you are having problems with your complexion, or dark circles, use a little concealer or foundation. There is nothing wrong with enhancing what you have. Yet, understand the importance of keeping it within reason. When makeup is too heavy, or you have too many additives such as extra long eye lashes, and go to heavy on the shadow and blush, you look like an old lady with too much makeup on. It can also make you look even older. If you wear a significant amount of makeup, you may want to start toning it down and going for a more natural look for casual wear and saving the high drama for special nights out. If all else fails, don't ignore the many dermatologists, and plastic surgeons who are more than willing to help. Just make sure that you do your research prior to allowing them to nip and tuck. You don't want to end up looking like some of the infamous socialites who have been marred by the scalpel.


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