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Tips for losing weight. Weight lose help - 10 top tips that are easy to manage. Fat buster info that really helps

Updated on January 26, 2014

Getting older (30 +) and weight gain

I have got to the age now that all my friends complain about their weight. Gone are the days where we could do what we want and not face any consequences in terms of weight gain. The older you get the harder it is to keep your weight down.

It is a natural process, and certainly not a myth that it is harder to keep your weight down as you get older. This is true for men and woman. A few scientific reasons for this include:

1. Muscle loss

As you age your body losses muscle mass. A natural process which is in part because of the less exercise you take, which in turn is due to it getting harder to do the same things and keep that fitness level up. However, with this muscle loss your metabolism slows down.

Every time you move, your muscles use energy. So it stands to reason the higher your muscle mass then the more energy you need. Because of this, muscles keep your metabolism on a high. As you lose muscles, your metabolism slows down due to not needing as much energy.

To combat this you need to exercise - weight training two or three times a week.

2. Yo-yo dieting

Many people diet. Many people I know have always been on a diet of some kind or another. Their weight fluctuates drastically. However, when you diet like this, with drastic weight loss and gain, you lose muscle rather than fat.

You're body is really clever but if you do this then you trick it into thinking that you are starving it while you diet. So when you eat properly again then the body thinks that it needs to store energy just in case it has a lean spell again. This storing of energy comes in the form of fat. Fat is the excess energy (calories) the body does not need and therefore it stores it for a time when you don't eat enough so it can use some of these stores.

To combat this you need to try and lose weight slowly. This will not trick you're body into thinking it needs to store calories and therefore you will not gain weight after you have finished you're diet.

3. Physical activity decreases.

As you get older, your life tends to get more hectic. Gone are the days when you can either play football with your mates all afternoon, or dance all night on a Friday or Saturday night. It gets harder to do certain things and with this levels of our physical activities decrease.

With this in mind, plus the fact that we lose muscle when we get older, then unless we change the amount of calories we consume then we find that we start to gain weight.

To combat this you need to try and eat smaller portions to cut down you're calorie intake.

10 common sense weight loss tips

Looking good isn't all about us old 'uns. Everyone can keep their weight in check and look good, but more importantly feel good.

It really is about using your common sense, exercising, and of course eating a healthy balanced diet. You should lose weight slowly and sensibly to keep it off and feel the long term benefits. Here are 10 top tips to help you on your way:

1. Never skip meals.

This is one of the things that surprises a lot of people. You want to lose weight and yet you are telling me to eat!

However, it is important to keep your body working correctly and that means giving it the energy to keep going. When you starve your body it starts to eat itself to get energy. This is the fat but it also is muscles and organs too.

There is the fact that if you trick your body into thinking it is starving, what it will do when you do eat is store the energy as fat to make sure it has sufficient reserves if it happens again. Missing a meal will trick your body into thinking this.

It is also important that you keep a healthy blood sugar level to prevent you feeling hungry. When you feel hungry you will eat more or snack. This is a bad idea when trying to lose weight. You are more likely to give into cravings if you are hungry.

2. Drink more.

Keeping hydrated is really important for a healthy functioning body. It is recommended that we drink between six to eight glasses of water a day. This can take the form of juices or other fluids (tea and coffee do not hydrate you so these do not count. They are not absorbed by the body and just pass straight through you.)

Many people mistake the feeling of being thirsty as being hungry. Yes you do absorb a lot of our daily intake of fluids from the foods we eat, however if you drink more you will suppress this hungry feeling because you are filling your stomach up for one and for two, you won't mistake the thirsty feeling for a hungry one.

A good clue is your urine. It should be clear if you are hydrated. If it has a yellow tinge to it then you are de-hydrated. The darker the yellow colour the more de-hydrated you are.

3. Eat high fibre foods.

Eating high fibre foods is essential for your digestive system. It will suppress any bloating feeling after eating and help you feel full for longer.

Complex carbohydrates as in high fibre foods, release energy slowly. A high fibre diet also has the benefits of reducing your risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

So swapping your high sugar cereal for porridge in the morning, or your chips (fries) for a jacket potato will have long term benefits as well as keeping your weight down.

4. Eat slower.

Gone are the days when the family sit down around the dinner table and talk about their day. Life was at a slower pace back then and people could take the time to enjoy a good meal with conversation.

With our hectic lives today, meal time too often consists of wolfing down as much as you can in as short amount of time as possible so you can get on to something more important. This does not help your weight at all.

It takes roughly twenty minutes before your body registers that it is full. In this time you can be 'wolfing' down a lot more food. research has shown that overweight people eat quicker and therefore tend to over eat.

Take your time with your meals and enjoy good old fashioned family time around a table and this will help you not to over eat. Chew your food properly (chewing each mouthful around 30 times allows the saliva to start digesting the food to help the digestive system.) and enjoy quality time with your family, which will also help with a the 'feel good' factor (hopefully) and this will also help with weight loss, as you will not comfort eat.

5. Use smaller plates or bowls.

This is a good trick. If you have smaller plates or bowls then you will have less food on there. If there is less food on there you will finish your meal and yet eat less than normal.

Most people are taught to finish what is on their plate. I myself have always thought it a little rude to leave food. And food waste really doesn't agree with me, especially when so many have to do without. So if we use smaller plates and therefore smaller meals then we won't get this bad feeling and won't over eat.

6. Reduce your alcohol intake.

Everyone needs a good glass of wine now and again. De-stressing is essential in today's life. However, alcohol does contain a lot of calories and therefore a good way to help weight loss is to cut down on your alcohol intake.

7. Avoid temptation.

When you go food shopping, do so after you have eaten, or at least when you are not hungry. If you do feel hungry when you shop, you are more likely to buy 'goodies' like chocolate or crisps. Make a conscience effort to not stock too much in your cupboards and you won't be able to indulge too often. The more you cut down here the easier it is to lose weight.

Another trick is to place 'goodies' in a hard to reach place - maybe at the back of a cupboard or on the highest shelf, so it is an effort to get to them so you might not get them and be good in those times of weakness.

8. Exercise.

You lose weight when your calorie intake is less than the calories you burn. The most effective way to lose weight is to incorporate a regular exercise routine into your life. This has the benefit of releasing 'feel good' hormones and therefore with you feeling better about yourself you are more likely to keep the weight off and not indulge in comfort eating.

Easier said than done in our hectic life but it doesn't need to be going down the gym every day. If you enjoy a sport this is a great way to keep fit but not everyone does so how about waling to the shops instead of driving, going for a walk around a park and enjoying the fresh air, or even some bedroom action regular will help keep the weight down.

Which of these changes do you think will be easiest to make in your life?

See results

9. Make changes slowly

A mate of mine wrote on Facebook recently that it was nice to see the seasonal gym goers after Christmas and it will be nice to see them the same time next year.

It is so true, the gyms make their biggest return in January because people know they need to lose weight after the excess' of the festive period but they do not have the motivation to make whole sale changes in their lives. They go for a little while, lose a little weight and then go back to the old routine.

If you are to succeed in keeping weight down then you need to make changes that you are comfortable with, lose weight slowly, and make these changes slowly so it isn't such a shock to the system and you are more likely to keep them up.

10. Do it for the right reasons

Looking and feeling healthy is a great way to feeling great about yourself. However, being too thin or too fat is dangerous to your health. So make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Losing weight for yourself is the only reason you should do it. Losing weight to impress others is a sure way to failure and will not result in feeling good in anyway. The only way you will keep the weight off is to feel good about the changes in your life.


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