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Tips for mothers – baby with cough, cold, chest congestion and running nose

Updated on February 26, 2013

Cold and cough in children

Mothers have the toughest time when their babies get cold. Infants and toddlers with cold, cough, chest congestion and nasal congestion refuse to eat, cry during night and become irritated and fussy. Kids cannot sleep well as nose gets congested with mucus. Being a mother I also went through a difficult phase taking care of my son during his infant and toddler stage. Giving medicines is not a solution for infant cold. My child used to vomit whenever he is given syrup. I did therefore avoid giving medicine for baby cold. Rather I began giving home remedies and giving special care for curing baby cold. I want to share some tips with mothers so that they can manage a child with chest congestion, running nose, cough and cold.

Steam inhalation for infants and toddlers – Steam is the best cold remedy for babies

When the kid gets first cold symptom you should begin giving steam to baby. Giving steam two times a day would reduce cold symptoms. Babies will not sit for steam inhalation. They will pull the wire of the vaporizer, they would cry, they would run away and may try to touch the vaporizer. You should not therefore try giving vapors when baby is awake.

How to give steam for babies – How to use vaporizer?

Use a vaporizer when baby is asleep. Spread a blanket on floor. When baby sleeps put her on this blanket in floor with head elevated on a pillow. Now keep the vaporizer one foot away from baby’s head. Mom or dad should lie down beside baby. Now cover yourself, baby and the vaporizer with a thick blanket. Now vapors will stay inside the blanket and baby will get the benefits. You are asked to be beside baby for keeping baby safe. Hold the blanket so that it does not fall over baby’s face. Kids do not like blankets falling over their face. Now make kid get steam for 45 minutes. This will help open baby’s nose and respiratory track. Chest congestion would also get reduced by this. You can use Vicks vaporub for giving vapors but kids do not like Vicks. I have found benefits using Vicks for my child. Giving vapors two times a day would alleviate cold symptoms in baby.

Homemade cough syrup for babies

Prepare and keep this cough syrup and start giving this to babies at the onset of cold and cough. When the first symptoms of cold appear prepare this remedy and keep. You can also keep this mix in refrigerator, Take 50 ml honey, 50 ml lemon juice and 2 teaspoonful of garlic juice. Mix it well. To this mixture add 2 teaspoonful of ginger juice. Mix well. Keep in refrigerator. Take out of refrigerator and bring to normal temperature before it is given to baby. Give one teaspoonful of this mixture two times a day. Cough and cough in babies will go away if this mixture is given. For infants, give small dose of about half teaspoon two times a day.

How to stop babies from coughing at night?

Warming baby chest with ajwain bundle every two hours is found to help baby cough. I use this for my child when he gets cough, chest congestion and cold. Rubbing Vicks thoroughly on chest, neck, back, nose, below the ears, hands and feet would help a bit. It will not however stop cough fully. Cover legs with socks. This will help to a certain extent. Rub Vicks on feet and palms. A slight relief would come. For older children, chewing garlic would eliminate their night coughing. Drinking dry ginger coffee would also help older children. Toddlers can be given cardamom and ask them to chew for long time. This would keep them from coughing. While boiling milk, put few pieces of garlic in it. After boiling add half teaspoon of turmeric powder in it. Drinking this milk morning and night would bring down cold and cough. Chewing fresh ginger and sipping honey would also eliminate cough and throat irritation.

For infant cough and chest congestion

Rubbing mustard oil thoroughly on back, chest, throat, hands, palms and feet would bring down cold symptoms in kids. Boil mustard oil and fry few cloves of garlic in it. This oil is naturally medicated. Mustard and garlic would bring down throat irritation and give relief from cough.

For Indian mothers – Giving Dabur chyawanprash to babies is beneficial

For babies above 2 years old you can give them Dabur chyawanprash. Dabur chyawanprash is found to provide good immunity to baby. I do give my child Dabur chyawanprash and it is found to be saving him from cold, cough and fever, especially in winter.

Make amla chyawanprash at home

Make a health mix using amla (Indian gooseberry), jaggery and ghee. Steam cook amla and separate the cooked fleshy part (remove the seed). Now fry this with melted jaggery. Add ghee also to it. Fry till amla and jaggery get well mixed. Add honey also to it. This is a wonderful ayurvedic health mix using Indian gooseberry. Give a teaspoonful of this mix for babies, two times a day. Children above one year can be given this amla health mix. This would improve their immunity so that they are not frequently attacked by cold, cough and fever.


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    • profile image

      Annie 2 years ago

      Good tips

    • profile image

      britt 3 years ago

      Please do not give a baby honey! There is a rare illness that babies can get from consuming honey before 1 year of age. I would remove this from the page because it could be very harmful for a baby

    • vasmenon profile image

      vasmenon 3 years ago from India

      Very useful tip indeed....Should try it out soon on my 4 yr old...