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Tips for Super Effective Tooth Care

Updated on October 26, 2018
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Em is a traveller, usually travelling on a shoestring, She has been exposed to many catastrophes! She also likes to do mental exploration.

A Strong Healthy Oral Environment

We all would like a strong, healthy oral environment.This article is not about the basics of tooth care. Before getting into the ideas in this article you should familiarize yourself with the basics of caring for the oral cavity. You will notice I do not say "caring for your teeth" and this is the big mistake that most people make. if you care for your teeth in isolation from everything else in your oral cavity, your mouth, gums, throat, jawbone etc, you will never be able to say you have really good dental health.

Familiarise Yourself With the Basics

Optimize Your Dental Care Habits

The first thing you can do to make your oral care routine super-effective is, ironically, nothing!

This is simply a recognition that your teeth need time to re-mineralise between meals. Your teeth are not able to do two things at once: process food and re-mineralise. They need some "do nothing" time to absorb the strengthening minerals that are contained in the saliva.

It is astonishing the amount of time that some people spend engaged in eating. From morning coffee with biscuits, through breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and cocoa and cookies at bedtime, plus snacks in between, their teeth are kept on a treadmill all day long. Do your teeth a favour and skip the snacks at least. Replace the solid food with mineral water or tea, a great source of natural fluoride, the best kind), and you will be helping your saliva in its essential job of re-mineralizing your tooth enamel. It is essential to keep a constant flow of saliva circulating in your mouth

A Water Pic

There are times when my oral environment needs a serious boost and at those times I turn to a water pick. The water pick is not cutting edge technology. It has been around for a while. However it is a very handy, affordable thing that can transform a disappointing oral environment. I use it to sluice out and close up any cavities around my tooth sockets and the electrical charge it produces tones up all my gum tissue.

Toothpaste or Not Toothpaste?

Have a look at what you are using to clean your oral environment. You may be spending a small fortune on "the best" toothpaste, but that money might be better spent elsewhere.Tooth powder is a cheaper alternative to toothpaste. You may have to hunt around to find some, but, it works out much cheaper in the long run and has fewer disadvantages than regular toothpaste.So what is the problem with ordinary toothpaste?

Well, most toothpaste now contains fluoride and there is some debate as to whether the fluoride added to toothpaste is actually beneficial. It is a derivative of rat poison and may work by poisoning the bacteria that feed on the food particles left on your teeth.

A more serious problem is that most toothpaste is formulated with sticky substances like glycerin, which actually assist the bacteria to stick to our teeth and wreak havoc.It may also contain abrasive elements which erode the enamel of the teeth.

Some people now use plain soap to clean their teeth. I favour sea-salt because of the many useful minerals it contains and its natural antiseptic qualities.

Make Your Own Super Advanced Mouthwash

Wise Spending

Your tooth care routine cannot be super effective if you do not pay attention to your diet. In addition to a good healthy, basic diet you should make sure to include essential oil and fatty acids to assist in the absorption of calcium. Direct calcium supplementation is rarely successful in achieving this goal. You should get moderate exposure to sunshine, which will also help to strengthen bones and teeth.

The money you save by not buying toothpaste can be put towards investigating some of the cutting edge options available.There are various kinds of water pick you can buy. This is an electric machine that deep cleans your teeth with a directed jet of water. There are electric polishers and, of course, a wide range of electric toothbrushes.The most advanced electric toothbrushes are sonic - using ultrasound technology to vibrate the food particles off the surface of your teeth.

All the aforementioned gadgets claim to clean your teeth more thoroughly. They also leave a slight electrical charge on the surface of the tooth enamel, which makes it more difficult for fresh bacteria to gain a hold.

You can also find non-electric devices to help with your tooth care. Many people have trouble flossing correctly. There are various devices which will help you floss more efficiently. If you have bridge work or gaps in your teeth, there are nifty little inter-dental brushes that will clean in hard to reach spaces.

The size of your wallet is the only limit on what you can buy to enhance your dental care routine.Especially, if there are children involved, anything that makes the tooth-cleaning routine fun and interesting, rather than a boring chore, is to be welcomed.

Does This Question Make Sense?

I would like to conclude with a link to a question about oral health that I have been pondering for some time.


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