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Tips for women suffering hot flashes

Updated on February 7, 2008

What you can do to feel better


If you are reading this article it means that you or somebody you know is suffering from hot flashes. Hot flashes may not be easily understood by the people around you, when all they can see is that your face suddenly blushes as you desperately seek for some fresh air. Some people may look at you in a peculiar way especially if it below zero and snowing. There is not much to laugh about though, as more and more women develop this fastidious symptom and before they will know it, they will get to experience it too..

Hot flashes seem to be more common then the past and the reason may be associated to the fact women are living longer and longer, so hot flashes seems like they will become a faithful companion; a women's only friend that marks an important milestone in a women's life just as the first period.

However, coping with hot flashes doesn't mean it has to frequently feel like a brief and unbearable visit to inferno, there are many things that can help you cope with them in a more acceptable way. Here are ten tips to "refresh" your life:

1) When a hot flash is approaching instead of panicking and heading for the window right away, remain calm and try to take several deep breaths. This will calm you down and have you concentrate on breathing rather than your temperature.

Paced breathing exercises throughout the day may also help you keep hot flashes at bay.

2) Exercise and try to lose weight. Overweight women seem to be the best hot flash candidates. Their body fat keeps them warmer due to the insulation effect.

3)In the summer run the air condition at a lower temperature than what you normally keep. This should considerably lower the number of hot flash events throughout the day.

4) Wear loose clothing, air will circulate better around your skin keeping you cooler. In the winter wear layers so you can get a layer off if you get too warm.

Avoid turtle necks, these seem to cause hot flashes even in those who never had one.

5) When the hot flash arrives, try to sip on a cool drink; your taste buds will refresh along with your throat providing you with instant relief. Avoid caffeine or alcoholic drinks.

6)Pack your cart with soy foods next time you go shopping. Soy foods have proved to be a good friend, you can get a good variety of soy from tofu, soybeans, soy milk, miso, soy powder. These can be found in the health/organic department.

7)Try black Cohosh, many women have benefited from it and got relief. This is a natural supplement that helps control hot flashes and all the other menopause unwelcomed guests such as headaches, heart palpitations, and anxiety.

8) Avoid spicy foods, these hot meals have been known to trigger hot flash attacks, avoid also hot and spicy soups.

9) Vitamin E has also proved very effective in controlling hot flashes and night sweats during menopause. Vitamin E can be found over the counter and needs to be taken daily, it also provides other health benefits such as enforcing the immune system and protecting your heart.

10) Finally if all the above have not worked well and you still develop frequent and unbearable hot flashes talk to your doctor, there are many effective medications that may help you live a much better life with less trips to " the Dante's Peak top".


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    • jacope profile image

      jacope 5 years ago from Missoula, MT

      I have yet to reach the age of menopause, but I have helped my mother deal with her's. She had horrible problems with hot flashes and asked me to make a tea for her. I made one of parsley, sage, and fennel and had her drink the cool tea 3 times per day. Within weeks she noticed that her hot flashes had decreased in both intensity and duration. Now she doesn't have problems with them and only drinks the tea every once in a while. I have also since learned that unless you are of Asian ancestry, it may not be a good idea to eat soy products because we don't a specific enzyme(I think that's what it is, but can't remember for sure) to digest it and it can lead to weight gain.