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Tips on Getting Rid of Stress and Anxiety

Updated on December 3, 2012

Stress is an interesting condition that affects everybody in a number of ways at one time or another and must be addressed at some point in a person's life.

In many cases stress can actually be of benefit to the human body and can help us better cope with a variety of situations.

With that said, stress can also be quite detrimental and dangerous to the physical, emotional and mental well being of an individual.

The best way to cope with stress is to learn how to manage it in an effective and efficient way. We will outline a number of simple yet highly effective methods to better manage and control stress in your life.

From heart palpitations to chronic headaches and other physical ailments, stress can have a huge impact on a person's overall physical well being.

While some suggest that men and women handle stress differently there are several good tips for both genders on getting rid of stress and anxiety that are worth discussing.

Here is our short and simple list of stress and anxiety reducing tips:

1. Diet

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements for managing and dealing with stress more effectively is controlling the type of food that goes into your body.

For example, processed foods that are heavily laden with fats, sugars and salts tend to bog down the human body and make stress more difficult to cope with in general. In fact, a poor diet is one of the triggers that can cause stresses to develop in an individual.

By eating a diet rich in fresh organic fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds an individual can give their body an added boost for fending off stress induced by a range of situations.

While a proper diet will not completely eliminate stress it will certainly give an individual a far better chance of dealing with external sources of stress.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is equally important alongside of diet in enabling a person to better handle external stress.

Exercise and diet should work hand-in-hand in keeping a body healthy and vibrant.

Keeping your body in a fit and nutritionally complete state helps to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Exercise gives the body greater volumes of oxygen and helps to move blood and lymphatic fluids, thus reducing the overall effects of stress and anxiety.

3. Get Outdoors

Getting outdoors to enjoy fresh air; sunshine and new scenery is one of the best and quickest ways to change one's mental outlook.

By simply changing your environment you can quickly adjust your mental perception of external forces that are causing undue levels of stress or anxiety.

In addition, going into the wilderness for hikes, climbing or other outdoor related activities offers a way to combine exercise and the healing benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

The sun is one of the most powerful medicines on the planet.

It offers warmth, light and can immediately reduce the effects of stress. The sun gives life and can also sustain life by reducing anxiety and stress.

4. Pamper Yourself

Another excellent tip for getting rid of stress and anxiety is to take the time for a hot bath or for getting a professional massage.

By putting all other concerns aside and focusing on your own well being for a period of time ensures that you will indeed reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

For example, a hot bath is soothing, relaxing and invigorating offering the bather an opportunity to collect their thoughts or read an interesting book.

A massage is also a great way to have someone else work stress out of your muscles and joints.

Putting other stress inducing activities such as work on hold to pamper yourself is a great way to breath new life into your soul.

5. Time Alone

An excellent way to keep stress and anxiety at bay is to take the time to be alone, offering an opportunity for self-reflection and inner thought.

Many great thinkers over the ages have recommended this form of solitude for rediscovering one's self and reducing stress and anxiety.

Being alone with ourselves allows us to better understand who we are and how we handle things such as stress and the relationships in our life.

Being alone can mean anything from taking a short day trip to renting an isolated cabin in the woods for several months.

Either way the ultimate goal is to get back in touch with your own reality and discover whom you really are.

Following these few simple tips will help any individual better manage and control stress and anxiety in their life.


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