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Tips on How to Extend Your Cardio Workout Routine

Updated on April 2, 2010

Improving your cardio will ensure that your performance in activities such as running, cycling and swimming will be at its optimal level meaning that you can go farther for longer. Simple physical strength cannot help you run 400 meters or swim 10 laps of a pool and you will need an aerobic exercise regime, which effectively works out your cardiovascular system and its related muscles, for this. This can be achieved in a variety of environments with or without additional equipment so that anyone can undertake a cardio workout routine regardless of where they are located.

For all you outdoor types, a lengthy jog or bike ride will workout the heart and lungs and increase overall cardio performance. The great thing about these kinds of activities is they can be combined with other tasks as well. You can cycle to the office each day or go for a run to the grocery store or back to get some exercise while you conduct your errands. There are numerous types of cardio workout routine which can be done indoors as well. These typically require additional pieces of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines or elliptical trainers. If your neighborhood is not suitable for outdoor exercising, purchasing one of these machines will be an easy way to increase your fitness and build up your endurance. 

Just make sure that you choose an aerobic exercise routine that matches with your physical abilities. If you are not a very active person, you will need to increase your overall tolerance to exercise. This can take a long time but there are several milder forms of workout that you can undertake to work your cardio while not pushing you too hard. Cycling and jogging, whether outside or in the gym, are perfect examples of these types of activities. Once your body is used to regular exercise, you can then move on to more extreme regimes that push your body harder and harder. Interval running and the use of elliptical trainers are both recommended here as effective cardio workout routine options.

One more important thing to remember is that aerobic training should be complemented with an anaerobic workout of some kind. In this way, you will conduct a complete exercise program that efficiently strengthens all areas of your body. To build up the perfect regime, consult the experts at your local gym or have a look online for more information.


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