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Tips on healthy diet with less calories

Updated on November 4, 2008

Healthy Diet With Less Calories


The amount of calories you use in your food manipulates your weight to a great extent. You should be careful about calorie counting while taking your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you are unable to do the calorie count, at least you can do some efforts to reduce the caloric intake. Here are some useful tips for the same:

  1. A bowl of pulses gives you 100 calories, but if you add spinach or bottlegourd to it to make it one bowl, then this gives you only 70 calories, as the vegetable has increased the volume of pulse.
  2. Brown bread is better than white bread. Calorie-wise, both are equal, but the high fiber content of brown bread wards off hunger pangs for a longer time.
  3. Try having tea or coffee without sugar. In course of time you will develop the taste for it and will certainly help you in knocking off those stubborn kilos.
  4. Never skip meals as it only sets you to overeat at the next meal. The key to sensible eating is to eat at regular intervals.
  5. When you get tired, rest! A catnap is a no-calorie revitaliser!
  6. Pasta is a highly satisfying food that won’t put weight on you as long as it is not loaded with sauce. It is easy to cook and store, and can be used in a variety of dishes, as it has a lot of starch, ideal as one of the slowest burning foods.
  7. If you have high cholesterol, take plenty of apples, carrots, capsicums, garlic, skim milk, oats, onions, seafood, spinach, soyabeans, and yoghurt.
  8. Instead of salad dressing or mayonnaise, use lemon juice, lime juice, herbs and pepper, and limit salt intake.
  9. A cup of cucumber slices, which has only 18 calories, makes a very good in-between meals snack.
  10. A cup of fresh tomato juice has only 41 calories, and can stave off your hunger pangs.
  11. Instead of taking a bowl of cooked vegetables, eat an appetizing plate of salad, or eat a few raw slices of carrots, which are healthier.
  12. Vinegar is a natural storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Take two tablespoons of it mixed with a glass of water at each meal.


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    • profile image

      adaora 8 years ago

      which type of rice has no carb? what type of yoghurt has less fat?is vinegar good for consumtion as you said?what type of meat is good for a weight watcher?everything i eat makes me add weight why?