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How to lose weight - easy tips to lose pounds

Updated on October 31, 2013

The wedding was just 3 weeks away, and I still couldn’t fit in my dress. Well, at least it wasn’t my wedding. It was my friend’s wedding, but I still needed to fit into the dress I had bought months ago. I knew I needed to do something quick, or I would have to go to the store to buy a bigger size. That’s when I decided I needed to lose weight and do it quickly.

These simple tips really helped me lose the weight I needed to lose to fit into my dress:

Green Juice

Yes, I know it doesn’t sound very good, but the green juice is a great help to lose weight. And it’s easy to make: Half a bag of spring mix salad and some water. That should give you enough for a day.

Drink a cup (8 oz) every morning as soon as you wake up, one cup before going to bed, and a cup before every meal. Sometimes the green juice can be a meal in itself. It will keep you satisfied for at least 1 hour. I ended up taking about 5 - 6 cups of green juice a day.

No Food After 7 PM

This one was probably the hardest one to follow. You should eat absolutely no food after 7 pm, except your green juice before going to sleep. I read in several places that this “rule” is a just a myth. Well, myth or no myth, it helped me lose the weight I needed, and I have been able to keep the weight off. I have also noticed that when I ignore this rule, the weight comes back.

Of course, the time you go to sleep plays a huge role as to when you should stop eating. For example, I usually go to sleep at 10 or 11, so the rule to not to eat after 7 works well for me. However, if you go to sleep later than that, you may want to move this rule a little past 7 pm.

If you feel absolutely hungry in the evening, and just feel like you need to eat something, stay away from carbohydrates. Eat something light and with protein. When I feel really hungry at this hour, I like to boil eggs, and eat the white part only.

Stay Away From Refined Flour

White flour, in all its forms, can really damage your waistline as well as your health. Although delicious, if you are serious about losing weight, you need to stay away from it in all its forms: pastries, pasta, cakes, pies, and white bread among others. If you completely abstain from flour, you will start to see results in your weight in about a week.

Stay Away from Sugary Drinks

Drink water. Stay away from drinks with high sugar content, such as sodas, juices, frappuccinos, etc. Sugary drinks have been linked to the obesity epidemic the country is experiencing. The reason? A single, 12-ounce can of soda contains 150 calories and around 40-50 grams of sugar in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, or the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of table sugar. And we drink that without even noticing! We are drinking more calories and sugar than we are eating them. Once again, if you are serious about losing weight, stay away from these types of drinks. Drink water instead. Your body will thank you.

In my experience, these 4 simple tips helped me lose the weight to fit into my dress, and have helped me keep the weight off ever since the wedding. After a while, these tips become habits and you won’t even think twice about saying “no” to that delicious pie!


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    • ohjiunleng profile image

      ohjiunleng 6 years ago from New York

      very true, take more green juices and less sugary drinks to cut down the calories and lose weight.

    • chasemillis profile image

      chasemillis 6 years ago

      All good advise! But if you have a little time and can wait for the shipping, you should try Shakeology! It's like the healthiest drink I've ever heard of because it's filled with tons and tons of proteins, enzymes, and other health nut stuff!