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Tips to Maintaining Your Shape After Hitting Your Weight Loss Goal.

Updated on April 4, 2017

You've had it before- that a massive 95 percent of people who go on diet to lose weight regain the lost pounds over time. Dr. Kelly D. Brownell infers that these that those who shed off the extra pounds regain the weight within 3 years. Alarming, or isn't it?

If the findings were to hold, then maintaining your good shape is an impossibility. But for those with the right aptitudes, lifestyles and commitment, maintaining your new slender shape is possible. Here is a bleak check list to maintaining your new, likable and slender shape.

Here are Tips to Maintain your Shape after Weight loss Marathon.

1. Do not skimp on your breakfast

A nutritionally complete breakfast boosts your energy reserves thus giving you a good start for the day. American Dietetic Association researchers found out that people who take breakfast have better concentration, improved eye to hand concentration and, generally, fair well than their counterparts who skimp on this important meal.

But what's most notable is that multiple researchers have previously established that those who take breakfasts tend to weigh much less compared to breakfast skippers.

2. Exercise more often and for longer duration.

Exercises alone won't truly curb build up of layers of fat in your body but will help increase metabolism and burn extra calories. Set up some times in a week for exercises and follow your exercising regimen faithfully. Ensure you exercise for longer duration of time than just a few minutes outdoors. The more intense your exercises are, the higher the possibility of keeping your body in great shape.

3. Your diet plan should be low-sugar, low-fat, low-calorie diet.

Sugar, which is a variation of carbohydrate, is often converted and stored as fat in the body. The fact that simple sugars have higher concentrations in food means that intake of a medium sized sugary meal leads to addition of sugar in the body which is then turned to fats for storage.

4. Learn to relax

Inadequate sleep leaves your body exhausted and the brains dull. You can hardly do any meaningful exercises in such a state and chances of eating snacks and other sugary foods go a notch higher.

5. Increase your protein intake

Intake of proteins in large quantities hikes metabolism rate and this subsequently leads to burning of extra calories. Protein also lowers your appetite meaning you'll consume less per meal.


Losing weight is a great won. Maintaining it is, however, an involving battle. That said, chances of winning this battle depends on your lifestyle, aptitude and willingness to co-operate.


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