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Tips to Overcome Stress Naturally

Updated on October 1, 2014

The changing lifestyle trends and various challenges that people go through daily, leads to mental health problems. Excessive stress can become dangerous for health, if not given any cure to it. Check out some helpful tips that you can put into action and make your life stress free.

Exercise: Bring exercise into your daily routine which will help your body to excrete adrenaline and cortical, released by adrenal glands. Daily exercise will activate the pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland secreting hormones, "Endorphins" that will make you feel good. It will help you in reducing the pain and improve your life.

Divert your Mind: One of the main reasons of stress is indulging your mind in things that you can't change. It is better to divert your mind while thinking on those issues. You can go for a small walk, watch your favorite film, watch out your old pictures, meet your old friends, and watch out children playing in park.

Meditation: Meditation is the best technique for emptying the thoughts in the mind. This will help in clearing your mind for some minutes and gets you a state of inner calm and peace. It will be better if you do this in a quiet, clean and peaceful natural place.

Yoga: If you go for Yoga, you will get combined benefits of both, meditation and exercise which will work as the complete stress relaxant. This will make you feel good and helps in relieving tensions from the muscles. This therapy is a great way to strengthen your body and mind, giving you a peaceful state of mind.

Massage: Go for beneficial Massage therapy that can get you deep relaxation and improves physiological process. This will help in relieving stress from the body in all the forms, makes your mood happy. Massaging will give your body, a complete relaxation and freshness to your mind.

Aroma Therapy: Bath with lukewarm water is a good idea for overcoming stress. Add aroma oils will relax you physically and mentally both. When you inhale aroma fragrance like cinnamon and vanilla, refreshes your mind and body.

Caffeine: Just sit quietly in a comfortable environment and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. The Caffeine present in these drinks works as an excellent De-stressor and helps in releasing hormones which are good for health. Limit yourself while taking it as too much caffeine results in other problems.

Sleeping: Sleep well for 8 hours as the brain reboots in the sleeping time. A sound sleep will reduce stress for a large extent. People who are not able to sleep well get suffered from less intellectual abilities, stress and less patience level.

Follow some of these tips to overcome from stress and make your life happy.


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    • SumanG1R1 profile image

      Suman Giri 16 months ago from Bangalore

      Thank you Appul and Sonia for your valuable feedback...

    • soniaporocha profile image

      Sonia Procha 3 years ago from Chandigharh

      Thanks to share these useful tips. Because of our busy schedule we take so much stress, these tips proves very useful at that time. Its really appreciating and every person should make these a part of their life.

    • profile image

      Appul 3 years ago

      Hey Suman, nice article! I appreciate all the tips you gave to relieve stress. I also find socializing with my friends and family helps me with stress. Maybe you can add that to your list.