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Tips to Reduce Your Holiday Shopping Stress

Updated on October 4, 2014
Avoid the stress during the holiday season
Avoid the stress during the holiday season

Beat the Stress in the Holidays

It's that crazy time of the year again and you have to buy gifts for everyone with no idea on what to get, you have the entire family coming over for a great lunch and you haven't bought your food yet and you have left everything for the last minute!!!

Don't worry because here are a few tips on how to reduce your stress so that you can enjoy the season and take it all in.

Step 1

Make yourself a cup of coffee and get a notepad with a pen.

Write down the names of all the people that you have to buy for and set a budget per person

Make a menu so that you know what you will be preparing for lunch

Write down the items that you need to cook with

Once you have made your list take a look through brochures and advertisiments in your local newspaper because all the stores will be displaying gift ideas and you can get an idea of what to buy your friends and family. You can even page through items on the net.

Take your time to have a look and to think it through. It might seem like a crazy idea to be taking your time but by doing this it will save you money and time when you are out there doing the actual shopping.

Don't forget that you can also buy itrms online and most of the sites offer discounts too!

Step 2

Now that you have your list and an idea of what to buy, plan which stores you will be going to first.

Go one at a time on the list and start your day early or late night shopping to avoid the nasty ques.

Get some holiday music for your car or better yet, walk around with an i.pod so that when you are shopping you can listen to your favourite music to destress you! Music will make your day fun.

Step 3

Don't even think about eating or drinking at the shopping centre because you know that you will have to que to get in, wait for service, wait for your food and then wait again for the bill! Avoid going to eat there and pack yourself a snack and a drink to enjoy in your car or outside on the grass or even while you are busy shopping. Pack a chocolate for this trip to boost your endorphines (happy hormones) and you will not have to stress about running late.

Don't forget to wear comfortable walking shoes to ease the pain!

Step 4

Food shopping can be made easy by ordering what you need online. Do this a few days before you need it because sometimes the order is wrong and the last minute can be for getting an emergency item. Leave the list with someone at home and instruct them to check the list when the delivery arrives or alternatively, make the delivery time for when you are there.

You can shop for gifts in the morning and when you get home all you have to do is check that your groceries have arrived correctly. Get your store to shop for you!


Step 5

Get your family to help with chores. Give your kids a Christmas hat, put on some holiday music and give them things to do to help you. Set the table, wash the dishes and even help you prep some of the food!

There is a charity gift wrapping service in most shopping centres so you do not have to be wrapping presents until 3am. Take your gifts to be wrapped for you and make sure that you have a pen to write the name on it so that you don't spend your hours wrapping gifts.


Step 6

Organise someone in your home to cook dinner so that you do not have to rush back and do that too. Once you are home you can eat your dinner, check the groceries and pack away your shopping.

Have a bubble bath and just relax for a few minutes.

Get a good nights sleep if you plan to go to the shops early in the morning and do some breathing exercises to get you to sleep.

Step 7

Wake up early and get yourself organised. Have a healthy and energetic breakfast with a fruit juice, berries and something to keep you going.

Check your list and cross off what you have already done.

Prepare your lunch again and add the chocolate. Get your i. pod and start your day!

Don't forget to organise someone else to cook and clean for you otherwise you will cause yourself stress.

Don't forget to breathe and take your music with you at all times!

Step 8

Make sure that you get all your shopping done in the day and at night you have time to relax and rest. Enjoy a bubble bath, watch a Christmas movie and get your family to help you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your stress free shopping!!!



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