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Tips to avoid diabetes melitus

Updated on June 4, 2014

A recent study proves, the habit of drinking tea is beneficial to health. The experts from the University of Dundee via the latest research results indicate, drinking black tea may be one way to prevent diabetes mellitus. As dilancir BBC, Monday (3/3), the Scottish researchers had found a kind of compound contained in black tea has great potential to overcome type 2 diabetes, or type of diabetes is most common today. According to them, these special compounds can act as insulin in the body.

Experts from the University of Dundee, led by Dr Graham Rena with a team from the Crop Research Institute revealed that compounds in black tea called Tehaflavin and Teharubigin can mimic the function of insulin in the body. "What we found in these compounds can mimic the function of insulin in a protein known as foxos," said Dr. Rena who published his findings in a recent issue of the journal Aging Cell.

"Foxos previously been the basis of bridging the relationship between diet and health in a wide variety of organisms including Matthew, worms and fruit flies. Our task now is to see whether these findings can be translated into something useful for human health," Dr Rena . Dr. Rena confirmed, further research regarding this finding needs to be done. Therefore, he appealed to people not necessarily consume black tea as a way of treating diabetes. "People do not need to panic for black tea in large quantities and thought that tea could cure them of diabetes.

We're still a long road to arrive at a new medical techniques or diet recommendations," he explained. "Our research on the ingredients in this tea is still pre-clinical and experimental stage. Patients with diabetes should continue their treatment with a referral from their doctor," he added. Even so, Rena said, "There's something very interesting from the natural ingredients in bagimana black tea raises the benefits, both in relation to diabetes and general health."

how to prevent diabetes mellitus

• Control your eating habits
• Control your weight
• Regular exercise
• Manage other risk factors (hypertension, blood fat levels, etc.)
• For high-risk: blood glucose check every year
• For diabetes mellitus patients:

Control your blood glucose levels (by diet, exercise & medicine in accordance
your doctor's instructions) and check periodically

MANAGEMENT PANEL diabetes mellitus
Fasting Glucose, 2 Hour PP Glucose, HbA1c, Mikroalbumin (Quantitative), creatinine, albumin / globulin, GPT, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol Director, Triglycerides, Fibrinogen, Routine Hematology, Urine Routine


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