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how to eliminate stress

Updated on December 18, 2011

Tips for eliminating stress and developing positive attitude among others

We like to keep our surroundings clean.We take every cleaning measures to make ourselves clean,but what we forget to think is,cleaning our own mind from stress and negative ideas and developing a positive spirit to boldly face our daily tasks.Stress generally develops on us in many situations such as,when giving a speech infront of a large audience or facing new people or when your friend or relative do wrong things you may get angry with them,or when someone betrays you,or when you think you cannot achieve your goals or tasks.

Steps for curbing stress:

*Eliminate anger and be graceful to others

You may be knowing that anger have the power to spoil long maintained good relationships in a matter of minutes or even seconds.During anger we may not know what we are speaking and we may later apologize for speaking those words but it may be too late to realize.Anger may not only creates a bad impression on our enemies,but also creates a negative impression amongst others.You should try to eliminate anger completely rather than keeping it under your mind hiding it.It should be throwed away.Mind that anger can create terrible consequences to your future activities.

*Forgive people for their mistakes

Mistakes are common to people and we should not scold people for their mistakes.If we try forgiving our enemies once,then we may come to know the actual power of forgiving.Forgiving takes us one step nearer to God,while anger takes us one step nearer to hell.Forgiving gives us relief and happiness inside ourselves more than the happiness in our enemies.It will create a positive air of us amongst others.So,try to forgive others for their known or unknown mistakes.

*Plan your goals

Well plan your goals for reaching the destination at a faster rate.We all know the famous proverb "WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE".Well planned goals and tasks leads to sure success.A good plan of your goal gives a spiriting confidence in you and so that you can succeed in your goals.And also,proper goal planning reduces your stress in completing your goals

*Make fun and laugh often

Studies show that laughter reduces stress and can cure some diseases that can't be cured by medicines.Make fun of others in a decent way and laugh well and also make others laugh.Laughter is the best way to get relieved from stress.Keep a specific time in your daily activities to laugh and laugh and laugh.During laugh your mind creates high blood circulation and so that stress has no possibility to enter

*Create new ideas and think outside the world

When we are in stress,our mind will be in a closed stuff,thinking again and again the activities the things that caused us stress.So,we should try to think other things that would make us happy and forget the stress.We should think of new ways of leading our life better and should clearly avoid the things that causes us stress.

*Meditate Daily

Meditations is the second best way next to Laughter.Meditations can relieve our stress through the divine status we achieve through the meditation.Meditations bring peace and happiness to our mind.We will get all the qualities such as elimination of anger,laughter and forgiving quality,if we properly medicate daily..

*Always think good to others

Thinking good makes our blood and heart feel pure and clear.This can be easily achieved through meditation.If we think good to others,then our feel our stress and negative attitude becomes halved and positive attitude doubles.Being good also brings us nearer to God.It increases our relationship circle and we can maintain a healthy environment around us.


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    • Arjuncool profile image

      Arjuncool 6 years ago from India

      It's my pleasure Ma'am..Thanks..By the way i was i was so inspired on your hub as you had written on the topics that i'm most interested on,that is,Cricket and inspirational quotes..Nice writing..:)

    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 6 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      Voted up and interesting. You have written a nice hub. Some time ago I wrote a hub on Inspirational Statements. Your hub has inspired me a lot followed by linking mine with yours. Thanks!