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How to train your mind to be successful? Sure and effective ways!

Updated on November 9, 2013

You will climb only as high as your mind lets you.’ Robyn Erbesfield

If there is an awesome characteristic that shapes your life, it is your mind. You are what your mind tells you. Your success and failure is decided in your mind. When you want success and you motivate your mind towards it, this awesome and magnificent side of your character makes you think of success, and you thought paves way for appropriate actions which finally gets you the success you craved for.

Can everyone be successful? Of course you can be successful if you put your mind into it. How to make and train your mind to be successful? I call it ‘the open and shut formula’. You open your mind to good things and pull down the shutters to negative things. What are the aspects that need the ‘open formula’ and what are the aspects that need the ‘shutter down’ formula.

You mind takes in whatever you feed into it and it is essential for you to keep your mind open to positive things and closed to negative things.

1. Criticism

Positive criticism is needed for your success. It is only when you are criticized do you know your good points and the bad ones. So keep your mind open to positive criticism. There is another form of criticism and that is negative criticism. Sometimes you are criticized just to paralyze your activities. You work towards an aim and your focus is targeted to that aim. When you know you are on the right path and you know the ways to do it, pull the shutters down so that the negative reaction of others does not delay your success.

2. Family

Whatever might be your success; if you do not have a peaceful family life everything is nullified. Open the door of your mind to the good things of your spouse. When you notice and appreciate your spouse, your married life will be a great success and good marriage gives you the peace of mind to make you work relentlessly for your success.

When you find certain habits of your spouse irritating and not up to your liking, pull the shutters down in your mind so that you do not make a big issue out of it. When you overlook certain faults of your spouse you find it easier to coexist in peace with her\him.

3. Patience

Patience plays a key role in your success. When you are impatient you do things wrongly and your success is delayed. Open the shutters to let patience rule your mind. When you are patient you are able to lead your life in a more serene way. You do not get angry easily and so your family feels relaxed. Pull the shutters down when you feel impatient. When you let impatience into your mind, you see everything from your viewpoint and thus you are unable to see life from the shoes of others.

The main factor to good relationship with others is your ability to be empathetic and patient. When the shutters of your mind are open to patience, your family life will be happy and your professional life will move towards success.

4. Arrogance

Do you like arrogant people? No one likes persons who are arrogant and think the world of themselves. Why are people arrogant? It is because their mind has closed its shutters to others and opened it to let the thought that they are the best into it. Your mind should make you feel good and that is essential for you to live in fulfillment.

But when your mind makes you feel that you are the best and no one can near you in affluence or intelligence, it opens your mind to arrogance and closes it to humility. A humble person is liked by all, where as an arrogant person is hated by everyone.

5. Self confidence

‘I can do it’ should be your thinking and not ‘will I be able to do it’. While the former thought is positive and makes you do everything for your success, the latter thought shows your uncertainty. When you have doubts about your ability it becomes difficult for you to pull yourself together to do what is needed for your success.

Open the shutters of your mind to make it believe in your capacity and close the shutters of your mind when thoughts which are negative try to enter it.

I have tried this open the shutter and close the shutter formula in my life and I feel it has made me change for the good. When I have negative thoughts I immediately pull the shutters of my mind closed so that the negative aspects do not make me mentally weak. I also open the shutters of my mind when positive thoughts knock at the door of my mind. It was when I opened my mind to the fact that I had writing capacity was I able to write my first article and what has helped me could help you.

© 2012 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      Navin, a different thought!

    • profile image

      Navin 4 years ago

      ya its k but thinking positive can create better to be neutral

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Thank you cyberincome.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      When you train your mind to listen to your positive thoughts you can rest assured of your success. Thank you for visiting.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      You make a great argument concerning how the mind helps or hinders success. Thanks for these suggestions.