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Tips To Quit Smoking

Updated on July 26, 2010
Quit smoking
Quit smoking

“Smoking is injurious to health” this is the statutory warning printed on the cigarette packets. But is there anything which makes the smokers blind to such warnings or is it something like they try to quit but they cant??? After enquiring many people I reached the conclusion that most of the cigarette smokers think to quit smoking but they don’t know where to start from or there are others which don’t know how to quit smoking and there is one more sect of smokers which have a lack of confidence, they are not sure that they can quit smoking..

Now, for all those people I am writing this hub. This is not any type of marketing hub. I don’t have any product at the end of the hub which I will tell you to buy. It’s my sincere effort to help you to quit smoking. Here I will be giving some tips will be helpful for you to quit cigarette smoking:

Believe: This is the first and foremost step in quitting. You need to believe in you that you can quit smoking. There is no reason why you can’t quit smoking if you try.

Deep breathing: Every time you want a cigarette start deep breathing exercise and try to be calm. Slowly fill air in your in your lungs and then slowly and steadily exhale it out. Do it for 3-5 minutes and you will notice the urge has passed. You can also do some yoga or meditations.

Take a lot of fluids: During the first few weeks of the quitting process drink a lot of water and also take other fluids this will flush out the nicotine from your body.

Stay away from other stimulants: While you are in quitting process stay away from other stimulants like coffee, alcohol, tea etc.

Exercise: Experts say 10 minutes of any physical exercise like cycling or jogging can help people quit smoking.

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking

Don’t Pretend: Don’t pretend smoking wasn't pleasurable – it was. But affirm yourself that from now I won’t smoke.

Use Chewing gums: Expert says chewing gums can reduce the smoking urge by 40%. So if you feel go for them.

Don’t give up: If you feel that above tips haven’t helped you then don’t give up and try some other tips give below.

Take An Oral Substitute: Experts say that about 25% people find the use of oral substitutes like nicotine chewing gums very helpful during the quitting process. These nicotine chewing gums are non-addictive and safe. You can buy them at most of the medicine shops.

Use Non nicotine Tablets: (NBRI), Lucknow has developed herbal non nicotine chewable tablets that can help you to quit smoking. The main ingredients of these tablets are cloves, ginger, cardamoms, cinnamon and tulsi. You can buy them at selected outlets in India.

e-cigarettes or quit pack: These are battery powered cigarettes and look like regular cigarette. The device releases a predetermined amount of nicotine with each puff and hence the smoker feels the same feeling as if he is smoking a real cigarette but the bad effect is substantially less. The cost of such devices is Rs 4. In India these are available in Delhi and Gurgoan.

The final one cigarette urge: This is the final step after you have successfully quit smoking. Then any day unexpectedly you will again feel the urge of one cigarette. Be prepared to handle it otherwise it will take back you to smoking.

When you feel this final one cigarette urge start the deep breathing exercise and try to resist this urge for 5 minutes. After 5minute it will be gone.

If you have successfully quit smoking then please post your success stories in the comments section coz it will act as an inspiration for other people. Thank You…


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    • diyakapoor profile image


      8 years ago

      very good hub

    • ankitkaulmachama profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pune ,India.

      That was great Teresa..

    • Teresa Schultz profile image

      Teresa Schultz 

      8 years ago from East London, in South Africa

      Good hub - a wide variety of options to choose from to help one quit smoking - or, use them all! I smoked for almost ten years, then quit for almost ten years, then started again. I'm not yet ready to quit again, but what I did the first time is just stop - nothing else. Had my last cigarette on a certain day, and just never had another one thereafter - until ten years later, which was about 5 years ago. I decided I WANTED to stop, and once happy and comfortable with that decision, I just did it. Only the first four days were a bit difficult, but I hung in there.

    • urs_dipak profile image


      8 years ago from Kolkata, West Bengal, India

      Good informative Hub. Although I am not a somker I feel that can help the smokers a lot.


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