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Tired? Stressed? Depressed? Do You Have TLTS Syndrome?

Updated on October 14, 2009

Millions of people suffer from TLTS syndrome. It saps their life of meaning, of happiness, it cripples them in their every day lives and it can even bring horrible pain and illness if it goes untreated for too long.

Taking life too seriously syndrome commonly arises when we mistake our brief stints on this planet for having some kind of monumental significance. Contrary to what your brain might be telling you, it doesn't matter whether or not the clothing you are currently wearing is fashionable, and the fact that you don't own an iPhone does not mean that you will be barred from heaven when you die.Your skin blemishes do not need to be covered under mineral make up, and in spite what some major corporations might tell you, it's not 'Because You're Worth It' – it's because cosmetics companies want you to tie your sense of self worth to an unattainable standard of beauty because that keeps you constantly and desperately buying products which slowly poison you and do nothing to stop the passing of time.

You don't need to just do it, once you pop, you can stop, neither of those people are Macs, you're not loving it and having it your way doesn't necessarily mean buying it saturated in grease from a fast food chain store.

Throughout the centuries of human culture, humans have toiled ceaselessly, laboring under the false impression that the minutiae of life was somehow important. It's not.

Empires rise and fall based on the petty struggles of man. We believe that we will not be happy until we own our own homes, until we have a big screen tv, until we have risen to the top of our career, until we are famous, or important or rich. We suffer from a lack of perspective. We struggle like rats in wheels, trying to achieve goals which are senseless and meaningless in the long term. Cast your mind back to midevil times. How many popular, important and famous people do you know from that time? How many can you name? Most people would be hard put to even name so much as a monarch. But make no mistake, those years were filled of people like yourself, struggling to make a name for themselves, a name which has long faded. What is to show for their many wasted hours of self loathing? For all those days they pasted lead based make up on their skin? For the way they coveted a new carriage with two dappled grey stallions to pull it? Nothing besides crumbling bones long forgotten.

Life is to be lived and experienced. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, there is no escaping that this moment, the here, the now, is the only here and now you will ever experience of its kind. Don't pollute it and ruin it with feelings of inadequacy bought on by images blaring at you from the television, magazines and those around you.

If you have love, if you have food, if you have shelter, if you have meaningful work, then that is essentially enough to live a full and happy life. Anything beyond that is a bonus. There's nothing wrong with material possessions. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a nice meal and a bottle of fine wine. There's nothing wrong with being famous. But when you despair that you your life lacks for these things, then you are wasting your life. The man who spends 70 hours a week making money trapped in his high rise office is, at the end of the day, wasting his life far more than the guy who decided to sit under a tree this week.

Try, for just one day, to live your life as you would if you were actually just a visitor here on earth, experiencing the early part of the 21st century. Rekindle your sense of wonder and appreciation of the world around you. It's a beautiful place.


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    • profile image

      Danielle 8 years ago

      Wow that is freeking crazy crap right there. I had no idea you could gave a diesase like that freeky.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Thank you Misha :) I am always appreciating your mad networking skills :D

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

      I am always wondering at your topics and appreciating your writing. :)