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To Kill A Cold Sore

Updated on February 22, 2010

After 25 years of suffering I am finally able to write this article. Not only do I want to share my new found treatment (that works!!!) I want others to try it and let me know how it works for them. Please leave me feedback in the comments if you give it a try about how well you felt it worked for you.

I've always had cold sores. They run in my family and my first outbreak was when I was only two years old! My brothers all suffer from them too. Luckily I usually get them on my lips but I have a brother that also gets them on his eyes and nose. If you have ever had a herpes outbreak (it doesn't just look disgusting, it sounds disgusting) you have probably tried everything under the sun to speed up the healing and GET RID OF IT. I tried all the pills and topicals. I went to numerous dermatologists, estheticians and herb shops hoping to find some miracle cure. I've taken Valtrex, slabbed on steroid creams and Herpacin and even put oregano oil on them (aside from smelling like a pizza there were was no effect). But alas I still had to lock myself indoors about once a month or deal with stares and insecurity- when they bubble you look like a radiation victim, when they scab you look like you have scabies or the like.

About a year ago I was dealing with a cold sore that just wouldn't go away- one of those ones that spreads across your face and itches like crazy! I was complaining to my stepmother who happens to be into herbs. She got out her books and started going through the different essential oils I could try to we started doing a little experiment. Most of them were as disappointing as the oregano but finally we tried Helichrysum. My cold sore started drying out and stopped spreading immediately. I wasn't really sure at the time if it had worked or if the herpes had just run their course. Fortunately I got another outbreak about two weeks later and I got to give it another try. I woke up with the first tiny bubble, put the Helichrysum on it right away, and went the rest of the day waiting for the big "blow up". The blow up never came. The cold store stayed itty bitty and dried out by the next day. I was really excited at this point so I started medicating my older brothers coldsores with helichrysum also. Not only did it get rid of any that were already blistered it killed them before they even got a chance!

The helichrysum I have been using is a Forever Young essential oil. I purchase it from their website I haven't tried any other brands yet but I would be interested to hear if someone else does. Just apply it directly to the coldsore several times a day and right before bed. I'm so excited to hear if everyone else gets the same amazing results I have. The only thing negative I will say about the stuff is the smell. It's very strong. But to avoid looking like a walking STD (thank you Valtrex for making the world think that's all herpes is) I'll put up with it.

Thanks for reading and I hope this works as well for you! :)


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      4 years ago

      I use helichrysum with a base oil like Argan...when I use it full strength it can burn my skin. I put one half of ounce of Argan oil and add 4 drops of helichrysum oil and shake it up. I use a glass bottle with a glass dropper. you can purchase these bottles on line. Put a label on your oils once you mix them so you won't get confused. I have had miraculous results in scar tissue being repaired and even perforated veins around my mouth area. For years I tried everything to help with scar tissue but nothing worked. Helichrysum is a blessing.

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      6 years ago

      the website to purchase doesn't work for me

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      8 years ago

      How much and how often should Helichrysum be applied to the cold sore? Should it be used with a base oil, or can it be applied full strength?


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am starting to get a cold sore. It is just starting to tingle and I can see just a tiny blister. I have some helichrysum, so I am going to go try it. Thank you!!


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