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To Medicate or Not to Medicate: That is not even a question

Updated on September 10, 2011

Many parents out there today face a great dilemma forced onto them by a system that seeks ever more encroaching power over our lives. That dilemma is whether or not to medicate their children with drugs. It is an understandable plight, they after all only want what is best for their children and the system tells them this is good but is it really.

First let us look at a legit question, are children meant to sit for 8 hours a day in an institution that only teaches them propaganda and to participate in the system. The answer to this question is no, this is an unnatural state for children who are naturally energetic and scientifically proven quick to learn to participate in, let alone 8 hours a day 5 days a week, plus detention. If your child does not fit into this environment be happy for you have a normal healthy human being, this is not something to be ashamed of, what is to be ashamed of is the schools and the systems response towards this. That response is to medicate the child producing only profits for the drug industry.

I’m a victim of this very system which has broken my body and left me unprepared. My parents who wanted what was best for me thinking best was manageable deeply regret the decision to put my on medications which in the end gave me diabetes. No one was there to tell my parents I was a normal child with Aspergers and that this should be celebrated and for them to carefully guide me in life, instead they were told to medicate me and none of the medications worked.

First was the fake decease ADHD which they put me on Ritalin for. Didn’t work but left its mark on me and a hole in my parents wallet. They tried something strong and for one week it was like I wasn’t even there, according to my mother I had no, absolutely no personality. Later came a low life doctor that took money from these companies who put me on all sorts of drugs which robbed me of my free will. Leaving me trapped inside my body unable to control it but merely put up recommendations on what to do. I knew this was wrong and told my parents this but again they were convinced that the system was steering them right.

I remember getting off the pills, the first day being surprised at my new found free will and the exact moment I had to think for myself, the surprise at it being my choice again was astounding and liberating. Later I got off the fake sleeping pill seroquel which ended up giving me diabetes in addition it made me prone to anger and my parents noticed an almost instant change in me. I calmed down, I was pleasant to be around, I was as I was meant to be.

I tell you this tale so you may learn from my suffering and my parent’s mistakes. None of these meds were designed to help me and they won’t help your child. They will only leave them crippled and unprepared for the future. While there are cases where a child can benefit from medication these are far and few in-between. The schools want docile children to teach, the drug industries want to make profits, and politicians are in the drug industries pockets. There is no one in the system who will tell you to try and raise your child and look for natural alternatives. In the end it isn’t a question of whether to medicate or not, it is what kind of life do you want to give your child.


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    • Jonesy0311 profile image

      Jonesy0311 6 years ago

      It is truly amazing that so many parents have had the wool pulled over their eyes. But, who would imagine that a doctor would want to lie to them about the mental health of their child? The sad truth is that ADD/ADHD is basically a made-up disease invented by those psychiatrists who were being paid by the drug companies to endorse certain products. Even today, there is no cogent diagnostic requirement listed in the Psychological DSM (which is the psychology Bible basically). To me, the most troubling aspect is that there is no way to distinguish a gifted or brilliant child from one who supposedly has ADHD. Most of the drugs prescribed to children for this pseudo-disease are dangerous for adults and were never ever meant to be given to children. Nearly all of them increase sucidal ideation, especially Prozak. As you said, these drugs are designed to turn our children into something they were never meant to be. I can only imagine the negative impact that these drugs have on their mental/behavioral development.

    • ALUR profile image

      ALUR 6 years ago from USA

      I am the adult that was the child trapped in another illness called depression. I loved your article but I have to say that sometimes these meds keep darkness at bay.

      I have personally weeded myself off of anti depressants and LOVE the way life is in raw form rather than an assembly line of "fine".

      What I know is parents(I am a single Mom myself) will do anything to make their children suffer less, not realizing that suffering comes in many other ways. I can only hope to assess my own children's needs through love and sometimes natural remedies. But if they are not able to participate or effectively live life to it's fullest, I will consider helping them...