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To smoke, or not to smoke: that is the question

Updated on November 15, 2008
Smoking kills
Smoking kills

And the Answer is a FIRM NO

Because Smoking kills

This is the simplest and shortest way possible to tell anyone that smoking is really fatal. According to a research overall tobacco smoking is estimated to be responsible for approximately 30% of cancer deaths in developed countries, that is, 46,000 deaths in 2005 in the UK. [1]

By 2025/30, it is estimated that 10 million people will die annually from smoking-related diseases, 70% of these deaths in developing countries.[2]

In China alone, 600,000 smoking-related deaths occur annually and it is estimated that one-third of all young men in China will be killed by tobacco if current smoking rates continue.[3]

Passive smoking also contributes to continuing the “family circle” of smoking and there is much evidence of the harmful effects on children in ‘smoking’ households including respiratory disease, asthma attacks, cot deaths and middle ear infections.[4]

From the above-mentioned figures it must have been clear by now that you should really start to think, atleast, about quitting smoking.

Advertisers depict smokers as cool people.
Advertisers depict smokers as cool people.

Smoking degrades quality of life

Advertisements on TV channels (or on billboards) show "cool" people doing wonderful things (stunts). What they don't show you that smoking can really cause you to end up in your doctor's clinic if not hospital.

Why? Because smoking can cause you following disease in no time at all:

Heart and circulatory

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis - fatty deposits in the arteries which can lead to strokes, peripheral vascular disease, gangrene, and aneurisms
  • Buerger's disease, which can lead to gangrene.


  • Lung
  • Mouth, nose and throat
  • Larynx
  • Oesophagus
  • Pancreas
  • Bladder
  • Stomach
  • Myeloid leukaemia
  • Kidney.


  • Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases
  • Recurrent infections in the airways
  • Damage and loss of efficiency in the lungs.

Other disorders

  • Peptic ulcers (ulcers in the stomach and duodenum) - increase both in incidence and the time they take to heal
  • Tobacco amblyopia (defective vision) and other eye diseases such as cataract
  • Reduced fertility.


Spare your friends

Even if you smoke in places where it is allowed to smoke, you should be considerate about your non-smoker friends. If they don't express how much they hate smoke of cigarettes when you smoke in their presence don't consider that it is acceptable to them in any way.


OR ................................


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4. Board of Science and Education, Smoking and reproductive life. The impact of smoking on sexual, reproductive and child health. 2004.


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    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      Smoking can kill .... But what is worse than death, I think, is that ( as you have write ) it can force us to a life of dependence on oxygen, a life of respiratory failure, of heart disease, of suffering. We all must die, this is true. But we must also LIVE!

    • greathub profile image

      greathub 9 years ago from Earth

      @ Misha: Nice joke! On a serious note: quality of life is one of the many factors that are necessary for ensuring a happy life.

      @ Shalini: By eliminating bad things, however small they may be, we can make a huge impact.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 9 years ago from India

      Misha - LOL! Nice new avatar by the way!

      Personally, I believe that that the pollution in the air around us and the additives to the food we eat affect us a lot more than tobacco :)

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

      Life itself is way more dangerous than smoking - mortality rate is 100% :D

      Just imagine - every single person that lives will die eventually! Clearly, everybody should stay away from such a dangerous thing...

    • greathub profile image

      greathub 9 years ago from Earth

      Would you mention the source also?

    • knolyourself profile image

      knolyourself 9 years ago from Bay Area, Ca

      Yep - smoking is a bad idea. However I smoke 5 cigs aday. Actually they have just published an article in Science News Magazine on the benifits of nicotine. Called one of the great drugs of all time. Prevents certain cancers, great relaxant, good for schizophrenia, helps or may prevent Parkisons. The problem they submit is the method of injestion.